The most anticipated games on Steam.  Two Polish gems on the list

The first of the titles discussed is Frostbank 2 From 11bit Studios. A little over a month ago, we received our first full preview of the game in the form of a trailer. This time the game will be set in 1917, exactly three decades after the story presented in the original. Will Frostpunk 2 become one of the best strategies? We'll find out in June of this year.

The second gem from the Polish developer is Manor LordsIt is a strategy that takes place in the Middle Ages. This title is on the wishlist of over 2 million Steam users. The game itself will have high-quality graphics, advanced city building and combat mechanics.

In addition, the most anticipated games on Valve's platform include: unregistered, a police-themed first-person shooter, which thanks to Unreal Engine 5 will provide an almost realistic gaming experience. Short gameplay parts of this work have conquered the YouTube and X (Twitter) platforms.

Of course, it is impossible to miss among the hot products that have not yet debuted Stalker-A2: Heart of Chernobyl. Originally, the title was supposed to hit store shelves in the first quarter of this year. In mid-January, developers from GSC Game World announced that the long-awaited game will premiere on September 5, 2024. STALKER 2 is designed to provide a unique atmosphere and the best visuals from the entire well-known post-apocalyptic series.

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