Flying on a broomstick, swinging on a net… The action was fun in these games

In this day and age of open world games, a fast travel system is something you just can’t do without. Quick Travel not only can, but must also be an inseparable element of production for which it prompts us to travel great distances and move over very vast territories. After all, how many times can you walk down the same path?

Good – Usually not much, because it gets boring quickly. However, as is usually the case, there are exceptions! The truth is that this monotony can also be combated in another way, namely by offering a very satisfying, dynamic and fun way to move characters around the map. Then it may even happen that Fast Travel is somewhere, but only dust.

And there are plenty of examples of games where exploring the world was pure fun for how the creators handled the mechanics of movement. Today I would like to introduce you Ten of those were overjoyed. The reasons were different – but the conclusion was always the same. When I build the flight right, we don’t need accelerators and boosters!

The prototype

Let’s start with one of the older productions on the list, but at the same time I had to put it here – at least with honor. I have fond memories of each of the extremely brutal parts of the series and they are greatly influenced by the action dynamics that the developers gave us. Jumping on skyscrapers, very dynamic running and a well-executed run through the action cities. Worth playing!

The second son is notorious

Is there anything that needs explaining here? Well, I don’t think so – inFamous was actually pretty much based around the fun of running around buildings and fighting with the powers at the hero’s disposal. And if anyone wishes to put any other copy here, I’ll have no problem with that. The creators have fully felt what gamers might need in this regard. And let’s wait for the next part.


I have a soft spot for how amazing the action is in this game. Partly thanks to supernatural abilities, partly thanks to the elements of the art of parkour, which was so carefully looked after in the 2012 game. There is no real open world here, but moving through successive corridors (smaller and larger) will give you a lot of pleasure.

Just reason 3

In the case of this production, the greatest strength is the versatility of the equipment that we can use. In JC4 it is further developed but … well, I liked the way we could drive around the island in the now popular “three”. Or maybe it has to do with the style and attractiveness of the area itself? I don’t know – it’s likely that when it comes to this series, action-wise, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

dying light 2

Moving around the city where the action takes place was fun in the first part, but with the sequel, Techland has managed to take everything to a higher level. It’s cool, no doubt about it. Everything seems to fall into place, and the parkour is very satisfying – jumping on buildings, catching railings and avoiding walls is a lot of fun.

acoustic boundaries

It probably won’t surprise you that a game about the Hedgehog, whose main ability is running, has succeeded in this. Well – it wasn’t so obvious, given the many mishaps in recent years. Fortunately, this time attention was paid to the fun of running around the available islands, and elements of classic games and arcade platforms dotted around each hill added an extra charm.

Saints Row IV

At first, there is not much difference from previous views, but as soon as supernatural powers appear, we can develop them later… The fun begins again! And it takes on dimensions we haven’t experienced before in this brand. Jumping over buildings and running at flash speed are just a few of the many exhibits. It’s all on steroids here and it’s great.

Sunset Overdrive

Until a certain point, it was this title that I set as a textbook example of how to navigate the game world well. Indeed, even today, many years after the premiere, it’s hard to fault anything here. Very dynamic, very smooth and very fast. Great use of the rails and railings that once bustled the main town. Moreover, their use in battles is also worth mentioning.

Hogwarts Legacy

I knew from the trailers that it was going to be fun, but in practice, this is something completely different. And only when we get at least a broom (not to mention a Hippogriff) does the fun begin in full swing, and traveling between back-to-back points around Hogwarts and all the villages becomes a pleasure, not a chore. Avalanche dealt here with an added advantage.

Spider-Man from Marvel

After all, my favorite game ever (which I probably mention on every possible occasion…) and at the same time a game that I treat as a model for how open world productions should be approached. In fact, I used the metro station here (it served as a fast travel point) just for the task and to get the Platinum Trophy. Seriously, in any other case, hanging out on the net would have been more interesting.

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