slag.  Artem Laguta took the floor after the Aces standard.  “I knew I’d be back”

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Bogomil Borczek

Artem Laguta has welcomed the motorcycle racing season in the best way possible. Despite the long break, the Russian won the well-equipped tournament in Bydgoszcz. In an interview with us, the player referred to his level and the way the fans dealt.

Three wins and two second places for a total of 13 points. This is the achievement Artiom Łaguta won in Sunday’s Aces criterium. After an 18-month break, the player is back on the track. Observing his actions from the side, it was not clear that the detachment of the Russians from serious events had lasted for so long.

He was ready for anything

Unsurprisingly, highway racer Betard Sparta Wrocław was bursting with joy after the end of the competition. He couldn’t complain about the lack of interest from fans who eagerly asked him for autographs.

There have been discussions here and there about the fans’ possible reaction to the 2021 world champion’s return to racing. This was somewhat positive. One whistles could be heard on the field, but the majority of black sports fans seemed delighted that the leading player was back.

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“To be honest, I was prepared for anything, including the fact that the fans might mock me. I was aware of this, but I have to admit that these reactions don’t impress me very much. The fans welcomed me very well. Of course, I appreciated that fact.” And I’m glad, – said Artem Lagota.

A year and a half apart

There are two weeks left until the start of the league. Looking at the Russian leadership, it is safe to say that he has no major reasons to worry about his level. It can be seen, for example, when the three-time Speedway of Nations gold medalist beat Bartosz Zmrzylik in daring style, recording a very good time under 62 seconds for the Bydegosz oval.

My break was long. I haven’t raced the bar in 18 months. I’ve ridden a motorcycle, but it’s not the same. I’m happy to be back racing. Honestly, nothing has changed. I knew I would be back. I was always in good shape and ready. Therefore, I thought it would be fine, – said the Sparta player Petard.

– And indeed, the race that I won with Bartosz Zmrzylik gave me a lot of joy. The reaction was special because we hadn’t raced in a long time. The last time there was such a duel was in the Grand Prix series. However, the fight with Bartosz does not accompany me with any special feelings. I stand under the bar, always focused on winning. This time it was no different. I wanted to win and I won. There are still two weeks left in the league. The preparations will not be special, we will do our best with the team to do our best – in short Artiom Laguta.

Bogomich Borczyk, journalist at WP SportoweFakty, spoke

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