The makers of This War of Mine are responding to the war in Ukraine.  11-bit studios want help

The developers behind This War of Mine won’t just take a look at the following reports from Ukraine. 11 Bit Studios has released a statement and wants to support the Ukrainian population in a very meaningful way.

In the morning, Russia declared war on Ukraine and the invasion began. We have already provided developer data before, emphasizing that they need all the help. 11-bit studios will not look at the situation and the developers have come up with a very interesting idea.

The Polish team wants to use their big hit again to help and this time players can buy This War of Mine to support the people of Ukraine:

Statement from the 11 Bit Studios team:

Today, the Russian army attacked our neighbors – Free Ukraine. As a Polish studio and makers of the globally recognized anti-war game This War of Mine, which tells about the suffering and poverty of war-affected civilians, we would like to make a statement and oppose Russian aggression. But the words would be empty without any meaningful action in a time-critical situation. Therefore, from now on, over the next seven days, all proceeds from This War of Mine – all versions of the game and downloadable content in all digital stores on all platforms – will be donated to a special fund. Within a week, the money will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross as direct support to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Let this message resonate with all you know about this war and how war is killing people and destroying their lives and homes. Let us – the players and developers standing side by side – do everything we can to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

All members of the 11 Bit Studios team

# Oh, Lord

11-bit studios have used This War of Mine for many charities and once again the developers encourage their fans who will not only receive the game, but also help the people of Ukraine.

War of Mine is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The creators have developed many additional functions, so that you can add another copy of the item to the list, get access to DLC or at least buy extensions.

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