The main creator of Mass Effect had no desire to create a new game in the series

Mac Walters is one of the most distinguished creators at BioWare studio. He hasn't been on the Canadian national team for a while, and now he's revealed why he decided to leave.

As a reminder, Mac Walters started as a screenwriter for Jade Empire, then became the first screenwriter for the first part of Mass Effect, and then the main screenwriter for the second and third parts of the series. He then also became the creative director of Mass Effect Andromeda, and finally the director of the remastering of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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It appears that Walters would also like to develop another installment, this time a full-length installment in the series – as he revealed on the MinnMax podcast, the developer decided that he had to know when to move away from BioWare and leave Mass Effect in the past:

[Mass Effect] Legendary Edition came out in the spring of 2021, and I left BioWare in the summer of 2022, so it's been a long period of rest and separation and feeling like, “Hey, I think I'm done with this.” It was a process that I'm sure looked more violent from the outside when I looked at it, but I made my own mental journey through it.

Mac Walters also added that, contrary to popular belief, he enjoyed working at BioWare and will have fond memories of his time at the studio. Additionally, he admitted that he would “probably never work on Mass Effect again,” and working on Legendary Edition was a nice end to a chapter in his life.

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