Horizon: Zero Dawn - Remake/Remastered.  Does anyone really need this?

The thunderbolt is feeding somewhere in the wastelands beyond the meridian. On a large and powerful enough receiver, regardless of the PS4 / PS4 Pro version, it was feared and admired. Red-haired adventurer Aloy’s arrival in the PlayStation family has become the most important date on Sony’s calendar since the first of The Last of Us. The iconic story of Naughty Dog, just over a month ago, received a full remake that stirred up a lot of emotion. What does this dependency have in common with the Killzone creators project? There are – at the moment – modest opportunities to rebuild Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 5.

The news from a few days ago sparked a flurry of stormy comments, Related to the meaning of the updated version implementation, also known as a remake. This is the crux of the matter. Does Horizon: Zero Dawn need some aggressive retouching? It was launched on the base version of the PS4, or the more powerful version of the Pro, and it still looks above average. For two years, the game has been available in a full version for PC owners, as the PC version has gained recognition among gaming technology professionals. finally The studio’s ownership engine, Decima, recently won first place During the SIGGRAPH Annual Conference. The title also received a cosmetic update for PS5 performance.

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Aloy has grown into an icon of the modern PlayStation family. The success of Horizon: Zero Dawn was based on a first-class presentation From text to concept to place. The idea of ​​discovering a new world of style that the French company Ubisoft started nearly a decade ago has been rewritten. The problem with more of this publisher’s work was, among other things, a lot of iconoclasm. issue Assassin’s Creed Unity if Syndicate They are almost book synonyms. When the first official announcements for Horizon: Zero Dawn came out, I had slight concerns about the planning of side activities along the story line. A large number of open world games suffer from this disease, finance dozens of pumping devices, sometimes forcing the player to complete them. Such was the case in the playable but generic Mad Max game from Avalanche Studios.

Horizon: Zero Dawn turned out to be a positive surprise. The map building wasn’t the biggest, but guerrilla games didn’t have such intentions from the start. Size doesn’t always matter, which seems paradoxical in the “open world” context. The developer has created a balance between interesting story and side quests. Let those who have never done the optional tasks throw a stone first to push the narrative forward after a few hours. This is how open worlds work, the player realizes that the story seems to expand above the rest of the content. Hence, I consider, among other things Marvel’s Spider-Man has been a huge success, thanks to the character’s mobility, the fast movement allows you to perform additional Parker activities on the way to the main destination. It’s similar in Horizon: Zero Dawn, we manage to maintain a similar balance as well in the beautiful Ghost of Tsushima. In short, Sony Studios “knows how to open worlds”.

Horizon: Zero Dawn went on sale on February 28, 2017. The new brand became popular even before the premiere. PlayStation Polska organized an interesting event on this occasion, with the presence of an interesting cosplay of the heroine. I had the opportunity to test the title myself during Warsaw Games Week 2016. The precise mechanics of mechanized combat was impressive, with a formidable environment. Even today, Horizon Zero Dawn moves perfectly, especially on PlayStation 5. Last year, Sony released the full version as part of Days of Play – we received the title for free download, which coincided with the new generation update, giving the luxury of 60 frames per second. You know very well how to fight for huge wages from Thunderbolt with such a framework. The game still looks great.

Director cut?


Good question. A few months ago, we speculated heavily about the possibility that Sony could start in a new direction – in the form of a director’s cut. Something started in Resident Evil: Cut Out (1997, Capcom) now appears. Ghost of Tsushima or Death Stranding received such versions. There was no further hearing. In the context of reports about Aloy’s first voyage plans, a return to this initiative will be possible in part, although Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition has been on the market for years, and contains great DLC, The frozen wilds. The release of a possible director release means additional content is needed, because rebuilding the setup is not enough today. Where did this conclusion come from? See how quickly the prices of The Last of Us: Part I are going down. Players quickly complete the game and put it up for sale. Offers do not exceed PLN 200, while the publisher ordered PLN 319 on the day of the first show, September 2.

The powerful retouching option is not included in rahuba, as Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS5 looks very good. c.If this idea actually materializes, or is already bearing fruit, Sony’s policy seems to follow the line of least resistance. That’s why the hard times for PS3 turned out to be golden in terms of building new brands into the PlayStation catalog – The Last of Us, Uncharted, Resistance, InFamous, MotoStorm or Little Big Planet. There was a lot going on, the publisher focused on new directions of development. Currently, Jim Ryan has a conservative profit generation policy, starting with diehard PlayStation players, “who would buy anyway because of the quality.” Horizon: Zero Dawn doesn’t need a new version, because it still works great both visually and playfully. The developer may focus on creating additional content, with Frozen Wilds booming, rather than offering the experience just five years ago. Yes, Resident Evil saw its most beautiful revamp in history after six years, but this is the exception that proves the rule.

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