Marine Le Pen komentuje kryzys migracyjny (fot. Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

French politician Marine Le Pen, whose Twitter profile is viewed by more than 2.6 million Internet users, made a video from the Polish-Belarus border available on the Internet. The video shows how immigrants brought by the Belarusian regime stormed the border with Poland. The current candidate for the presidency of France pleaded on the Internet: “You have to do everything to help Poland.” MEPs from Spain also took an interest in this matter. “Merkel’s poisoned gift to Europe,” they wrote.

The shocking position of the opposition. Let them stop spitting. We owe them a storm on the border.”

The Polish border with Belarus was stormed by a mob of illegal immigrants. I appeal to opposition politicians to stop spitting on Polish services…

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Belarusian services, supposedly with Russia’s approval, have been bringing thousands of migrants to the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia for weeks. On Monday morning, he launched an attack that had never happened before.

“You have to do everything to help Poland, facing real aggression from immigration! “ – Called on Twitter Marine Le Pen.

“France must immediately send police forces to the border and support the Poles who have been abandoned by the European Union,” she added.

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At the same time, I made a recording showing how to do it Illegal immigrants throw stones at the Polish army, And the barbed wire on the border is trying to destroy, among other things, with the help of felled trees.

Drought in Madagascar. Children and a Polish missionary gather to improve and restore the school

The Andranodoki Primary School building is in dire straits: the seats are broken, there are no toilets, and the roof is in danger of collapsing. 110 …

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Poland is facing an unprecedented wave of immigration. The European Union should not be surprised by this Countries themselves want to defend their borders. – said Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Union Party.

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France, like Poland or other countries, has a large number of troops, policemen and other security services. The situation is quite different in the case of EU agencies (such as Frontex), which mainly employ officials and do not have significant powers at their disposal, which can be crucial in situations such as the current migration crisis.

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The head of the BBN said after a meeting with the president: Attacks on the border will be repeated [WIDEO]

The eastern border is being defended by several thousand Polish officers and soldiers – said government spokesman Peter Muller after a meeting …

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Spanish MEP: Merkel’s poisoned gift

Events on the Polish border are gaining international publicity.

They are also interested in the case MEPs from the Spanish national conservative VOX party.

‘Merkel’s poisoned gift to Europe will explode as she retires in comfort’ – Politician Hermann Tursch wrote on Twitter and posted a recording in which a crowd of migrants shouted at the border with Poland: “Germany, Germany.” Why do foreigners chant such a slogan? Back in 2015 German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited immigrants to Germany, The government in Berlin tried to force EU countries to open their borders as well. Six years have passed and the Germans admit they made a mistake. Today they also point out that the EU’s external borders should be narrow.

The Spanish MEP stressed that even if Merkel had an “Arab neighbour” one day, she would prefer to be a sheikh or a diplomat.

Meanwhile, ordinary Spaniards have been facing the negative effects of immigration for years.

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