Janne Ahonen no longer exists.  It completely changed his life.  powerful hit

In the past two years, the Finnish jump legend has worked with the Finnish national team. Jan Ahonen He was responsible for setting up the equipment at the joint Norwegian company. In the past, he also helped the national team with their uniforms Ski jump. He not only sewed clothes, but also dealt with shoes, laces and Nartami players.

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Yan Ahonen completely changed his life

In the summer, there was a lot of media coverage in the Finnish media that Jan Ahonen had resigned from his position in the Finnish Federation and had found a new job. He devoted himself to his passion, which is the automobile industry. More specifically, Ahonen is engaged in design, remanufacturing and selling luxury homes.

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– Now I focus mainly on mobile homes. I am a craftsman and seller. Camp expands and tunes. Most often, customers ask me to install reversing sensors. I’m glad I can finally live like a normal person. Legend said it’s good to come to work knowing that when I get home, I have time to myself Ski jump In conversation with is.fi

North national team coach combined Peter Kokkonen It was reported that Ahonen’s departure before the Olympic season was open to everyone Work crew powerful hit. Because combination and hops have lost an experienced equipment expert. He got a permanent job with a regular salary and became a TV expert. Compared to the uncertain contract with the Federation, if I were in his position, I would probably do the same, with such opportunity and potential – Kokkonen said a few months ago.

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The national hero no longer exists.

It turns out that Ahonen wants to distance himself from his career and doesn’t want to “cut tickets” for what he did when he was ice skating. – I confirm that Jan Ahonen, who used to serve as a Finnish national hero, no longer exists. I was able to live a privileged life, but fortunately that time is over – he added eloquently.

Ahonen is one of the greatest snowboarders in history. During the career of M.in a. won five times Four Hills Championship He has two Olympic silver medals, seven world championships in figure skating, and 10 world championship medals to his credit. In the World Cup, he enjoyed the overall win twice. In total, he won 36 World Cup competitions and finished in the first three competitions 108 times.

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