The journalist at TVP bothered the Techniwicks.  "I was looking for a scandal again" Polish national team

Ceslav Michenewicz He only had a few days to prepare Poland representatives to the most important match This spring. The mission was successful. The Poles defeated Sweden 2-0 in the final on Tuesday arches Thanks to that they got the right to play World Championship in Qatar.

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Poland Sweden. We evaluate the players after the World Cup match!

Ceslav Miccinovic responds sharply to a TVP journalist after the match with Sweden

MichniwichHe who many did not believe in, could win. But the coach’s joy was disturbed during his post-match conversation with TVB Sport. It all started with Jacek Kurowski asking about staff status Toy with the Swedes. The journalist noted that the Polish national team players were very surprised by the final position they played. Ceslav Michenewicz He immediately responded sharply to his interlocutor.

2: 0? The former captain said the outcome should be different. “They are lucky”

– This is nonsense. incorrect. We’ve been practicing this setup for three days. I don’t know who told you that. Once again you are looking for a scandal where you are not – specified response.

Then Michenewicz reprimanded the journalist TVPHe was one of those people who did not believe in the success of his team under his leadership. In the first interview after the nomination, Kurovsky, like many other journalists, criticized Ceslav Michenewicz Alleged relationship to the corruption scandal.

– I remember your first conversation with me. I said I was an optimist, and you were trying to impress me the whole time – on any grounds. I was searching for different things to remove this optimism from my face. I remain optimistic and have great satisfaction that despite so many people – including you and your colleagues – during such a short period of time we have been able to build a team that has been promoted to world Cup – Michniewicz said.

– I am very satisfied, taking into account what was said, he wrote – that he divided Poland into two halves and so on. I remember it and stayed for a long time – he added.

On this, however Ceslav Michenewicz He did not stop when it came to answering a journalist at TVP. The Mukhtar was later a guest on the show “Hejt Park” sports channel. He responded to Korowsky, as well as to other (named) journalists who criticized him. – We are winning the match very hard, he says the players didn’t know in which system they would play. What is this really stupid stuff? Michniewicz said.

Poland - Sweden 2: 0The Swedish football player is stunned after the match. Repeat one word over and over again

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