Paris Saint-Germain with the championship title.  Messi's beautiful goal.  And the fans left [WIDEO] football

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The minute was 68 match. Then he got the ball at a height of 20 metres Leo Messi. He didn’t think twice, just shot beautifully and defeated Jean-Louis Leela, RC Lens goalkeeper. It was only the first goal in the match, because the hosts could not deceive the defense of the guests.

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Leo Messi appeared at the right moment.

Like many times for Barcelona, ​​as many times in the Argentina national team, when a break was not needed, Leo Messi showed up at the right moment. He has found his place, this is his wand. This is where it is practically flawless. It is only his fourth goal this season, but how important it is in the context of winning the French championship – said Eleven Sports commentators.

In the 88th minute, panic prevailed at the Paris stadium. The guests play in the bull’s-eye (the second yellow card was given to Kevin Danso, defender of RC Lens). The goal was scored by Corentin Jean. However, the lottery also gave him the nickname Paris Saint-Germain.

The equalizer is not watched by enthusiasts anymore fans Paris Club. In the 75th minute they started to leave the field because, as they announced before the duel, they wanted to celebrate winning the title without. football players. This is the result of the fact that Paris Saint-Germain players failed in it Champions LeagueHe was eliminated in the 1/8 final with Real Madrid.

I remember that Paris Saint-Germain He was about to celebrate the French championship last Wednesday. The team led by Mauricio Pochettino beat Angers 3-0. She would have become the champion of France, had it not been for the fact that the Olympique de Marseille players beat Nantes 3-2.

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Paris Saint-Germain scored 78 points after 34 rounds. He has sixteen points more than Marseille and has played one game more. RC Lens 7th place (54 points).

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