So short.  Obz Shevchenko strongly emphasizes work in the Polish national team.  The amount is declining the Polish national team

When all the signs in heaven and earth indicate that he is the new determinant Poland national team Adam Nawashka will remain after Wednesday’s board meeting PZPN There was a big commotion again. The Polish Football Association issued a special statement informing that Cesare Kuleza has explained to activists what the current situation looks like with the selection of a new coach for the national team, and for the selection, representatives of the federation must remain silent until the final decision is made.

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Adam Nawacka has the support of the big fish in the Polish national team

“Przegląd Sportowy” in turn wrote, It is not Nawałka who is the most likely candidate to take over the team, but Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko, causing another avalanche of speculation. Nawałka will only be a backup.

“If the Polish Football Association provides 3 million euros a year, Shevchenko will negotiate”

In light of a lot of confusion in the information, we decided to ask about the source, i.e. in the environment Andrey Shevchenko. The answer is unequivocal. – if PZPN He will offer a salary of 3 million euro In a year, Andrej could sit down to talk – we heard.

Nawałka planned and organized everything except the team game. “High bills from the salon”

This, of course, means that even with the great will of President Cesare Kuleza, the scenario of bringing Shevchenko to the Polish national team is impossible to implement. All because the current record holder in terms of earnings in the Polish national team, Paulo Sousa, he earned three times less – about 850 thousand euros a year.

When asked if Shevchenko would agree to a salary of 1 million euros a year, which could already be PZPNThe answer, eloquently – no.

In short – Andrei Shevchenko cannot be the favorite to take over the leadership of the Polish national team, because the Polish Football Association cannot afford it, and the financial discrepancies between the expectations of the Ukrainians and the potential of the Polish Football Association are enormous.

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