The Italians watched the Poles match.  Brutal evaluation.  "He's not running, he's walking, in fact he's running" for the Polish national team

The match between Poland and Argentina will certainly go down in the history of Polish football. The result and performance in the Poles match, at the same time the emotions in the Mexico-Saudi Arabia meeting, the counting of yellow cards and finally the desired promotion to the knockout stage of the World Cup. For this reason, it remains to look at the Polish players who appeared on the field that day stadium 974 – This was done by the Italian media, which referred to one hero. Earlier, immediately after the match, journalist Jacob Ciorin evaluated the Poles.

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What was going on here?! Last minutes Poland – Argentina. “we’ve got”

Happy and all. The Italian media evaluated the representatives of Poland

Journalists from the Apennine Peninsula focused mainly on the players of Serie A, but there were also those who evaluated all the players who appeared on the field on Wednesday night.

It could not be otherwise, and Italian journalists chose Wojciech as the best Polish player lucky. AGI rated the goaltender a 7.5. – Save a second penalty in a row and record another championship performance. Between the columns, he was like a cat that deflected all the Argentine shots. Twice he was without a chance, but his reflexes were decisive in advancing the Poles to the next round.

– In the first half, it was a match for Szczesny against everyone. With his rallies, he completely overshadowed the defenders of the Polish national team. In the second half, Argentina scored twice, but the Polish goalkeeper was blameless – confirmed the Calciomercato portal, Szczęsny’s rating at 8. The 32-year-old was rated even higher by the journalists of the Numero-Diez portal. Tuttomercato was given “only” 7 for the Juventus goalkeeper, but with the indication that he was man of the match anyway.

Camille Glik’s performance was also appreciated. Almost all gates rated Benevento’s stopwatch at 6. – This match was a test of strength and endurance for Glik. He led the defense for 90 minutes and even came close to being knocked out Goal Draw – Written when rating a player on AGI. Calciomercato added that the defender was “the best of the worst” in the Polish national team.

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The Italian media were more mixed in their assessment of one player, Jacob Queor. AGI gave him 5.5, highlighting that in the first half he skillfully limited Julian Alvarez, and in the second he was less focused. Calciomercato rated the stopwatch even lower, at 4.5. This was confirmed by the journalists of this portal caviar He was involved in losing every goal and his mistake could have resulted in losing the third goal, but he was wrong then. Lautaro Martinez. Tuttomercato gave the 22-year-old a ‘6’, considering the kick from the goal line at the end of the game to have been crucial for promotion.

Among the worst players was Grzegorz Krychowiak. Tutomercato gave the midfielder only 4.5 and blamed him for the first goal he conceded. – He’s not watching McAllister, who went 1-0. And then he no longer ran, walked, or rather waded.

A particular disappointment was Piotr Zieliński, who took 5 from each of the gates. The Italians maintain that it was difficult for him to adapt to Michniewicz’s playing style, he did not play in his nominal position, was rarely under the ball and did not support Lewandowski in attack.

Chance for better scores on Sunday, December 4th. After 36 years, the Polish national team will again play in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, where it will meet with the French national team. The match starts at 16:00. Report on the application and LIVE.

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