The gothic remake appeals to our nostalgia.  Watch new gameplay footage

Gothic Remake is one of the most anticipated games in Poland. Production will be modernized in many aspects. The developers decided to go ahead with their revamp and introduced a new cover that will adorn both the physical and digital versions.

Gothic Remake is a renewal of the German RPG that is very popular in our country. That's why fans are waiting with enthusiasm and some anxiety for the new release of the iconic title.

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The studio responsible for the game, Alkimia Interactive, has not only revamped the game's visuals, but also the graphics that will promote the game. However, graphic designers tried to do just that Not only was the image of high quality, but it also contained references to the series.

For this reason, on the cover of Gothic Remake, in addition to the logo and title of the production, you will be able to see four distinct characters: Gorn, Lester, Milten and Diego. However, in the background you can see the last undefeated enemies of the Kingdom of Myrtana.

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