The game Nothing has just been released on Steam.  Yes, literally a game about nothing where there is nothing and you do nothing

The openness of the Steam platform to the possibility of publishing works of any size, quality and almost any content is, according to many, one of the greatest advantages of this system, although there are also those who literally mock the lack of quality control by publishing a game about nothing. literally.

In recent days, more specifically on January 10 and 12, two new and very unusual productions called Nothing and Something have been released on the Valve platform. Why are they weird? The first is a gray screen with the word “nothing”, where the “game” calculates our inactivity and a penalty for doing nothing – fortunately, the game is free.

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Something is different with the “game” thing – it costs PLN 500 and is the exact opposite of nothing – if we do something, time is counted and we are rewarded, while when we do nothing, the application stops the time and encourages us to do something. On the one hand, these apps are known to be made for fun, to point out any lack of quality control on Steam, but the whole thing has gained so much attention that it has over 1,200 positive reviews, and what can I say, it's taking up “air time.” For other works on Steam that might really need such attention. Do you think Valve does a good job of offering this freedom?

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