It’s time to say goodbye to Forza Horizon 4. The game is disappearing from stores, but before that happens you can buy it for a record price

25 June 2024, at 21:13

Forza Horizon 4 will be approaching the end of its life this year. In August, Festival playlists will stop updating, and in December the game will disappear from stores. The servers will continue to operate, and “exclusive” cars will become available in a new way.

Image source: Playground Games


Given the fate of the previous parts of the series, which disappeared from the market four years after their premiere, we expected this event to take place in 2022 – but it was postponed for two years, as it turned out. Playground Games Studio Announcewhich December 15 Forza Horizon 4 It will disappear from digital distribution stores and Game Pass. Sales of the DLC have been suspended today – it can only be obtained in a ‘base’ pack in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, which are Currently available at a historically low price (For example, the most expensive issue as of Thursday costs PLN 71.99 per issue steam).

This trick results from the fact that Microsoft made a relatively nice gesture towards the people who played the game FH4 Via Game Pass and pay extra just for the add-ons. Anyone who has purchased any DLC for this game and has an active subscription today will receive a key to redeem the full version Forze Horizon 4 Connect to Xbox. However, there’s a catch: This doesn’t apply to people who joined the service using some type of discount. Codes will be sent in the coming days.

What will happen to the game itself? There is no question of shutting down the serversSo all game modes should remain available for years to come. But after August 22nd New festival playlists will stop appearing (Or rather: existing playlists will stop rotating). Fortunately, Playground Games studio will not leave players in the lurch if they lack some “exclusive” cars in their collection.

All vehicles that were previously available as rewards in playlists only will be added to the Horizon Backstage. This means you can unlock them at any time by using the passes you purchase with Forzathon Points. The way to get the latter will be by participating in Forzathon Live events and completing daily and weekly challenges – this is the only part of the playlists that will remain active.

The reason for withdrawing the game from sale was the same as always: expiration of licenses (for cars, music, etc.). Therefore, in December, only one part of the series will be released on the market (not including Forze Motorsportbut this is a personality trait of the brand). The move can be seen as Microsoft paving the way for advertising Forze Horizon 6 – I’m expecting her next year.

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