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Scientists who published the research in “Physical Review D” claim that extraterrestrial civilizations could send us quantum information, theoretically, of course, if such civilizations existed.

Quantum communication can’t be heard imperceptibly. This is done by transmitting entangled particles – they can be photons, that is, particles of light or radiation. When an unauthorized person tries to read such a message, it destroys the exact state of quantum confusion. The message disappears and the sender and receiver recognize the eavesdropping attempt.

The main obstacle to developing such a secure quantum communication is another quantum phenomenon called decoherence. Particles can “disassemble” themselves when they interact with other particles – that is, with their environment.

on the earth Quantity messages have been sent so far With the help of optical fibers at a distance of 600 how much. Engineers from the Japanese company Toshiba managed to do this in June of last year (by radio, via satellite, they managed to do this at a distance of 1200 kilometers four years ago).

However, there is much less matter in space than there is on Earth. The main threats to micro-quantum states in space are the force of gravity and interstellar dust. Still, quantitatively Entangled particles can travel much greater distances in space from the ground. Physicists at the University of Edinburgh have calculated what.

Their calculations concern the most energetic photons, X-rays (these have the best chance of reaching Earth from distant sources). It turns out that quantum communication at this frequency of electromagnetic waves is possible even at distances of hundreds of thousands of light years.

Such a cosmic quantum connection would not be easy. First, it requires more powerful transmitters. There aren’t enough signals on Earth yet to send quantum signals into space. The biggest problem may be with the correct receivers.

So what is the advantage of quantum communication in space? First of all, this There are no natural sources that transmit quantum signals. If we receive such a signal, it is almost certain that it will come from an alien civilization.

Will we develop suitable receivers? This is likely to happen in the future.

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