The first signs of La Niña are visible.  The weather will become dangerous

During El Niño, the water temperature in the tropical part of the Pacific Ocean is above average, while during La Niña the situation is the opposite. In both cases, the matter is related to a number of weather fluctuations in various parts of the world.

El Niño is coming to an end, but it could bring more record temperatures

2023 was the year globally The warmest in the history of measurements. Apart from climate change, this is also due to the prevailing El Niño phenomenon that it causes Additional increase in global temperature. This phenomenon, although weak, still has a decisive impact on the climate. This is confirmed by the latest data, which indicates that February 2024 was also the warmest month in the world, What Poland also witnessed.

The World Meteorological Organization believes it exists 60-80 Proc. El Niño is likely to continue until May. During this time, it may rain in different parts of the world Other temperature records.

La Niña is coming. This is not good news for the world

In the Pacific region, changes are already evident El Niño will end soon. Over the past month, water temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean have dropped Oh good. 10 u. C. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), further declines are expected in the summer and fall Rapid transition to the La Niña phase. Although it leads to a decrease in global temperatures, it can be as dangerous as the El Niño phenomenon. You can expect it in different parts of the world A number of anomalies. In summer, cold waves are likely around Chile, Africa and South Asia, and Australia is exposed to heavy rains and floods. In contrast, the Caribbean is often attacked by hurricanes, and Canada suffers from very severe frosts in winter.

The impact of the anomaly on Europe It has not been fully exploredBut even if it exists, it is certainly weaker than in other parts of the world.

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