The film “Irina's Department”.  “Irina’s Oath” is now available in cinemas

“Irina's Oath” is a poignant story about preserving humanity in the inhuman times of World War II.

The press conference in Lublin that preceded the film's Polish premiere was attended by, among others: Roman Haller, whom the title character rescued as a child. According to him, this adaptation is important, especially at a time when the war in Ukraine and Israel continues. – Only when we know the past and remember what happened in the past can we hope for a better future – said Haller in Lublin.

“Irina's Department” – description of the film

World War II continues. 19-year-old Irina (Sophie Nélisse) loses contact with her family in the midst of war. She was forced to work as a slave in a German munitions factory. Her condition improves when SS Major (Dougray Scott) catches her eye. The man, infatuated with the assertive girl, notices that she is overworked and promotes her in the factory structure. Irina takes on new responsibilities in the kitchen, and later is also tasked with running a tailoring workshop where about a dozen Jews work. The heroine manages to overhear the conversation of the Germans, from which she learns about plans to liquidate the nearby ghetto and decides to find a way to rescue the workers under her supervision. A solution to the situation soon emerges – a young Polish woman is offered a job as a housekeeper on the Rogmer estate. Irina decides to take advantage of her employer's trust and hide the Jews who previously worked in the sewing factory in his house. But the conspiracy does not last long. Rogmer discovers Irina's secret and gives her an ultimatum that is difficult to accept – he will keep the secret and in return Irina will “voluntarily” become his mistress.

She hid from her Jewish friends the price she paid for their safety. She trusted only the priest during confession – and did not receive forgiveness. However, in a sense, he was welcomed by Major Edward Rugmer – on December 24, 2012, he became Righteous Among the Nations. Thanks to Irina Gott, 13 Jews, sentenced to death by German law – and wanted by the sadistic SS-Untersturmführer Richard Rokita (Maciej Nawrocki) – survive.

On July 8, 1982, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem honored Irina Gott-Obedek with the title of Righteous Among the Nations. She died on May 17, 2003 in California. On 25 September 2008, President Lech Kaczyński posthumously awarded Irina Gott-Opdycki the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

Genre: War drama
Production: Poland, Canada 2023
Dystrybucja: K&K Film Selekt/Quiver Distribution
Director: Louise Archambault (“Familia,” “Gabriel”)
Photos: Paul Sarossi (“Exotica”, “Ararat”, “Beautiful Tomorrow”)
Screenplay: Dan Gordon (“First Degree Murder,” “The Hurricane,” “Passenger 57”)

ejaculate: Sophie Nellis (“Mr. Al-Azhar”, “Yellow Vests”, “The Book Thief”), Dougray Scott (“Mission: Impossible 2”, “Great Rebelia”),Maciej Nawrocki (“The Night of Life”, “The Suicide Room”, “1920. War and Love”)Andrei Swerin (“The Last Family”, “The Little Rose”, “Schindler's List”)Eliza Rememble (“Corpus Christi”, “The Promise”) Thomas Tendyk (“The Pianist”, “Weekend”)Alexander Milicevic (“Black Mercedes”, “Planet Singley 2”, “Planet Singley 3”)Agata Turcotte (“Wedding”, “Sawyer”)Philip Kosior (“Piłsudski”, “Bitter, bitter!”)Irina Melser (“The Tenant”, “Afterimage”, “Aida”)Krzysztof Szczepaniak (“barricade stones”), Mateusz Mocevic (“Blowing in the wind”)Rafal Mohr (“pitbull”)Eric Kolm Jr (“Philip”, “When's the Wedding”), Rafael Mackowiak (“33 Scenes from Life”, “Dark, Almost Night”) Maciej Nawrocki (“Operation Danube”, “other people”) and Zoza Polawska (“Wedding”, “Anything for Mum”)

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