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“Hyramidal nonsense. Transformation.” sharply about the behavior of Souza and Lewandowski

play on Euro 2008 – Historic, albeit unsuccessful for Poland. In the league he has 217 games, 20 goals and 32 assists. In addition to 23 matches and two goals in Poland national team. He has also played in the European Cups, so it is safe to say that he is a skilled footballer. – I was in such gas Leo Behnhacker He had to bet on me – laughing years later. – Seriously, I think I made a lot of my potential. I didn’t go to a foreign club, but I felt good – he confirms Wojciech Łobodziński.

The goal is clear – promotion to the league

He ended his football career in August 2020, but immediately began training. And makes a big noise because his Copper Legnica He’s the first leader after the fall tour leggy, has five points ahead of Widzew, the second most scored and least conceded goals in the entire league. However, there was little evidence of this.

– Everyone around us said that we take risks. But Vojtek knows this club well: he was a football player, worked in the academy, was an assistant in the second team, then led it on his own, and finally became the first assistant coach. Most importantly, his work was qualitative at every stage. Therefore, on the one hand, his position in the role of the first coach of Medes Legnica was a risk, and on the other hand, he was fully prepared for this – Thomas Brusizo, president of Legnica club, tells us.

Media: The star of Ekstraklasa can go to Lech! Primary conversion goal.

“Do I have to add anything?”

Today, Mido is a balanced team, without big stars, but with players who have made a difference at the level of the first league: starting with the strong goalkeeper Bawi Linarczyk, passing through the efficient and effective Maxime Dominguez in the middle of the field, and ending with the 22-year-old copper scorer Patrick Makuch. Wojciech Łobodziński bet on them, but before that someone bet on him.

– He had an idea, he had a profile of the players he needed, he reshaped the gameplay and his style of play, and now I can say that his vision and ideas have come true. Before the season, we thought about the Premier League, but we assumed we would winter in the playoffs and try to attack in the spring. Now that we’re the leader, we’re up to nine points ahead of the supplement area, so should I add anything? – Head Medzy laughs. There is simply no better summary of Wojciech Chobodzinsky’s work yet. And while I was careful before the season, it would now be foolish to say otherwise: Medzi Legnica’s goal this season is promotion to the First Division! Anyway, as I spoke to the coach before the season, he made no secret that his goal was to be promoted. That is why I think we will take a decisive step in the spring – adds Thomas Procchio. Because just as Legnica became home to Wojciech Łobodziński, Miedź wants it to be home to the First League, not the First League.

Copper saved my life.

– I came back to life in Legnica. Copper saved my life. Today I can speak frankly about it – he said a few years ago, when he was still a football player. Football player convicted of corruption. In 2012, Łobodziński was given a one-and-a-half year suspended prison sentence for his involvement in a corruption scandal while playing Zagłębie Lubin. Overnight, it’s all over. I was completely alone. The whole environment has completely moved away from me. I only reached out to these guys who also got involved. I did not expect any support from anyone – he said in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”. And this is not the end, because he was also disqualified by the Polish Football Association, a Wisla Krakow, by mutual agreement of the parties, terminate the contract with him. Łobodziński did not play football for a year, but trained. The hardest in life. Then Ryszard Tarasiewicz helped him by luring him to him KS-u d. There, he played 11 matches, scored one goal, and later joined Miedzia Legnica, which is his homeland to this day.

“When you enter the dressing room as a coach, forget that you were once a footballer”

And how does Wojciech Łobodziński work as a coach there? First the UEFA A course, now the UEFA PRO course and almost a compliment: ready, committed, ambitious, but he has to forget what he did as a footballer – we hear at coach school PZPN. – This is correct. Once, a very experienced coach told me: When you enter the dressing room as a coach, forget that you were once a footballer. And there is something to him. Because my players don’t care what my career has been like, but what kind of coach I am. Of course, there are items I draw on. I know what the players have in mind after defeats and what after victories, and I adjust our plan to the outcome of the last game. But the most important thing is the objective preparation of the coach’s work, because the players will immediately feel the coach who has no idea about the profession and is focused only on the fact that he played football well – says Łobodziński.

– We’ve talked about it. And in my opinion, the football experience affects his coaching work, although I know he does not think so. Vojtek wants to look at the ball more broadly, not just from the perspective of the ex-footballer. Although it certainly allows him to avoid many of the mistakes he saw in the coaches he worked with as a player. And this can be seen, because he often looks for unconventional solutions in his work, does not imitate, but tries to create something of his own – says Brusiło. When we ask for an example, he answers: – And even a warm-up before the game. It used to be completely different. Coach Łobodziński came, presented his ideas and when we look at the table, you can see that it is working – the boss is delighted.

The new role of Chief Legia Warszawa.  Dariusz Miodowski in the structures of the Polish Football AssociationFirst purges in Ligia. Three players on their way out of the club

The problems of 2019 when copper fell hard Premier Leagueforgotten. Because although the team led by Dominic Novak played good football, and played offensively, they made strange mistakes in defense, and in the frame Mainly composed of foreign players, at first glance there was no agreement. It was an experience that ended in disaster.

“These stories can be placed among fairy tales”

However, prior to this season, there were also many voices suggesting that there were too many foreigners in the Medzi again, and footballers are not to blame. consequencesThey make good money – for the Premier League – and the Premier League is not for them at all. – These stories can be placed among the fairy tales. For me, it makes no difference whether a footballer is Polish or a foreigner. You just have to provide quality and have the right mindset – explains Łobodziński. – I can see it in these boys. Anyway, when we arranged everything with the Director of Sports and the assistants before the season, we really saw great potential in this team. We wanted to fight for the league, but maybe no one expected our plan to work so well. After the fall tour, we’re first, but that’s not the end of the process – he adds.

So why these good results? – We ask. There are no conflicts, we are all fine, we have plans, we have ideas and we implement them. It is also important that almost all players speak English, this helps in everyday work. We also had some hacking moments: changing the lineup, changing the position of some players, it all worked. But most importantly, aside from the slight dips in shape, we didn’t see a meltdown in our game this round. And if this is also the case in the spring, we will see each other in the league next season – Wojciech Łobodziński ends with optimism.

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