Kubica with victory in Japan!  The championship title is approaching

Press materials / FIA WEC / Pictured: from left Rui Andrade, Luis Deletraz and Robert Kubica

Katarzyna Labczynska

Robert Kubica and Team WRT put on a bid to drive at the 6 Hours of Fuji. The crew that includes the Pole in the lineup has claimed another win in the WEC this season and is one step away from winning the championship title in LMP2. One round remaining.

WRT won second place in the LMP2 class in qualifying for the 6 Hours of Fuji, but as in previous races, the Belgian team started Sunday’s action with Rui Andrade at the wheel. The Angolan is considered the weakest driver in the No. 41 crew, so it was not surprising that Robert Kubica’s team fell to sixth place immediately after the start.

In Andrade’s defense, it’s worth noting that at one corner, the rival United Autosports crew made contact with a WRT car. The referees had no doubt that the American team was at fault in this case and were awarded a 10-second penalty.

Fortunately for Kubica, Andrade has avoided major mistakes throughout his career. At one point, it was losing to the leaders for about a minute, and then it looked like WRT would just have to cut their losses on Fuji. However, Robert Kubica and Louis Deletraz played them.

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The Angolan gave the car to the pole after 1.5 hours. At that time, Krakow also began to recover losses. After just 30 minutes, thanks to Kubica’s fast driving, the WRT crew was third, cutting the gap with United Autosports to around 25 seconds. At that moment, the 38-year-old was the fastest driver on the track.

Delettiraz took over the prototype from Kubica mid-race, when WRT’s loss to United Autosports was less than 10 seconds, and the Swiss driver only needed a dozen minutes or so to come within striking distance of his rivals. Finally, before the fourth hour of the race, we saw Kubica’s crew at the top of the LMP2 class. Later, Deletraz immediately built a 5-6 second margin over the American competition.

“It was difficult for me to overtake United Autosports because it is not easy on this track. Plus it is not very fast, so I was just saving fuel. Fortunately, Robert did his job – commented Deletraz after the end of his term, after giving the car to Kubica , who needed a moment to lead WRT in LMP2 again.

The final hour of the 6 Hours of Fuji was a confident drive by Kubica, who took control and built a 20-second lead over United Autosports. The WRT was not even interrupted by yellow flags all over the track at the end of the competition.

WRT’s win at the Fuji 6h put Team Kubica one step away from the WEC title in the LMP2 class. The Belgian team was “helped” by misconduct in the Polish Inter Europol competition. The ‘Turbo Bakers’ team from Warsaw remained outside the leader of the LMP2 class since the start of the competition and eventually reached the finish line in ninth place.

In the Hypercar class, Porsche was in the lead right after the start, but in the end Toyota had a better pace throughout the entire race and achieved an emphatic double on its home circuit.

WEC – Fuji 6 Hours – Race – Supercar – Results:

POS. Season a team crew Wasting time
1. hypercar Toyota Gazoo Racing Conway Lopez Kobayashi 229 districts
2. Hyperser Toyota Gazoo Racing Buemi-Hartley-Hirakawa +39,119
3. hypercar Porsche Penske Motorsport Estri Lotterer Vanthoor +47,768
4. hypercar Ferrari Fire Molina Nielsen +1 area
5. Hyperser Ferrari Pier Guidi Calado Giovinazzi +1 area
6. Hypercar Team Hertz is something (Costa y Stevens). +1 area
7. Hypercar Peugeot Total Energies Duval Menezes Muller +1 area
8. Hypercar Peugeot Total Energies Rista Jensen Virginie +3 area
9. Hypercar Proton competition Janie Bruni Tincknell +8 area
10. Hypercar Cadillac racing Bamber Lynn Westbrook +10 area

WEC – Fuji 6 Hours – Race – LMP2 – Results:

POS. Season a team crew Wasting time
1. LMP2 Orlin WRT Team Cubica-Deletraz-Andrade 219 areas
2. LMP2 United Autosports USA Hanson Lubin Albuquerque +1 area
3. LMP2 WRT Geliel Frinz Habsburg +1 area
4. LMP2 United Autosports USA Hanley Jarvis Pearson +1 area
5. LMP2 Alps faxifier-channel-milesii +1 area
6. LMP2 from Hanson Fittipaldi Rasmussen +1 area
7. LMP2 sports vector Colin Kaiser Opry +2 area
8. LMP2 according to Ujran-Fiscal-Korea +2 area
9. LMP2 Inter Europol competition Schmeichowski Costa Scherer +2 area
10. LMP2 according to Between Caldarelli-Koyat +3 area

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