May 30, 2023


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The exciting transition of Perpetual Krakw. A soccer player from the Ekstraklasa club steals Pika nona

A few days ago, the media reported that Simeon Sławczew was supposed to play for Lechia Gdańsk again. For Bulgari, it will be back to Gdansk and Premier League Four years later. It looked like his transition into the team Martin Kaczmarek is almost a foregone conclusion. However, at the beginning of the week, there was a turnaround and Sławczew was finally relegated to the third league Wieczysta Kraków.

Simeon Sławczew is not for Lechia Gdańsk. He will play in Wieczysta Kraków

Tomasz Włodarczyk announced on Tuesday afternoon that Simeon Slauchiu will not become a Lechia Gdańsk player, but will undergo medical examinations in Wieczysta Kraków.

A few hours later, the player of the Third League from Krakow officially announced the signing of a contract with the 29-year-old Bulgarian. We read on Twitter: “Simeon Soauccio becomes Vichista’s new player. The 29-year-old Bulgarian has signed a 2.5-year contract with the option to extend it for a year.” This means that the midfielder’s contract will run until the end of June 2025.

Dominic Holek in Lech PoznańOfficial: Lech Poznań has a new goalkeeper. In the past, he performed in Raków

According to the information provided by Włodarczyk, the negotiations of the Bulgarians with Lechia were not at all advanced, and Wieczysta offered him a high contract. Unofficially, we also learned that the midfielder’s transfer shift has taken place in recent days.

Simeon Sławczew will play with his former teammates. Krakow eternal arm itself

Sławczew will meet in Krakow in one team with his former teammates from Lechia Gdańsk. There are, for example, Blazg Augustin, Slawmir Pisco Or Michai Mack, who the 29-year-old played with in Tri-City.

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Getting a 29-year-old Bulgarian is another winter move for Wieczysta Kraków on the market. in December The third league club acquired Karol Danielak from Widzio Łódź. There was also talk of a transfer Lucas Serpina. Permanent dreams of another promotion. Currently in Schedule 3. league It is in third place, three points behind the leaders.