She was afraid of Christmas before the WTA Finals, and now she's scaring herself.  Kasatkina is the infamous tennis rating leader

Iga Świątek quietly gives an interview, and suddenly a masked figure wearing a mask appears behind her and “attacks” her. The Polish woman jumps up, frightened, to realize after a while that this is just a Halloween prank by Ons Jabeur. Tunisia was famous for its sense of humor, and it did a good job, but it was the world leader in its first match In this The final, in which she beat Daria Kasatkina 6-2, 6-3, proved that other tennis players should now be afraid.

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Figure skating players “in the sand of tennis”. Camille Stoch calms down Iga Świątek

Swiatek repeated Radwańska’s feat. explosive mixture

The impressive form of Świątek at the first meeting of the masters is not surprising. For starters, it suffices to know that this year he has had 65 wins and only eight defeats so far. During that time, she won eight tournaments – including two Grand Slams – and became a true dominator.

Nine-year-old Serena Williams had a 78-4 tally and is still the 21st century record for tennis players in terms of the number of wins. matches in season. The Polish woman has no chance of repeating the feat of the legendary American, but – despite this “problem” – every rider from the Tour would like to be in her place now.

Williams’ name also appears after Christmas Tuesday’s victory also marking other stats. The 21-year-old, confidently defeating Kasatkina, won the 46th game of the season without losing a set in the main ladder of events included in the WTA statistics (without duels in the Billie Jean King Cup, the previous Fed Cup). Previously, the aforementioned American (66) and Agnieszka Radwijska (46) scored at least such victories in 2013.

Swiatek came to Fort Worth, where the season finale is taking place this time around, after victory in San Diego and a two-week break in the game. The combination of self-confidence and so important in the final stage of this year’s comfort competition is an explosive one, and its effects have been felt by his opponents several times this season. You can expect the same thing to happen now.

The Raszyn player gave a sample of what to expect from her match in the coming days in the opening match. She played with confidence, although she had to get used to internal conditions again. In distress, she was in two games for a short time, but she handled the matter very quickly. In the third game of the first set, you defended two break points, and in the fifth game of the second half – one point. It did not switch to Safe Mode. In two instances, after being one point away from losing a pass, she put in a great show. These were the only moments in this meeting when she allowed any dose of emotion to enter the court.

In addition, the Polish woman was advancing like a machine. She took 36 minutes to win the first game and another 10 minutes in the second game. She started both scenes with a 3-0 lead and was in complete control of the situation. Her big advantage is reflected, for example, by winning strikes – she had 24 of them, with only five on the opponent’s side.

A wonderful Christmas game! Rywalka smashed. This is the fifth time this year

A certain Swiatek, Kasatkina frightened. The Russian is the favorite competitor of the Polish women this season

While self-confidence and focus oozing from Swiatek, it was clear that Kasatkina was insecure and afraid. Nor is it surprising given the history of her duels with the world’s first missile. The Russian women felt the Polish women’s sexy form this year was the most painful in the entire tennis game.

So far, the 25-year-old, eighth on the WTA list, has been one of the three most unlucky people out there. The impulsive Polish woman four times this season – apart from her – American Jessica Pegola and the Belarusian woman Arina Sabalenka. All of these 12 matches were won by a tennis player coached by Tomas Wiktorowski. Now the Russian has moved into the lead with a score of 0-5 (total balance is 5-1 for Christmas).

In one of these matches, Kasatkina with Poland won more than five matches. I did it in the third round of January Australian Open And now in the WTA Finals. In all five games of this season, she has a total of 19 games to her credit. Maybe Pegula or Sabalenka will have the chance to play Christmas for the fifth time this year, this week. They are now in Group B, but Bulka could beat them in the knockout stage.

Among the staff of this edition of the WTA Finals, only Frenchwoman Caroline Garcia can boast of defeating the leader of the world list this year. There is another statistic on the web that shows how far the 21-year-old has left her competitors from the top. On Tuesday, she achieved her thirteenth consecutive victory over her competitor in the top ten list this season. In the twenty-first century, only the Belgian Justine Henin (15 in 2007) and the American Venus Williams (14 in 2001).

Christmas fans remember her crying at the end of a losing opener during her debut last year at the ATP Tour in Guadalajara. Then she was overwhelmed with emotions. It seems that the Poles in Texas are only in danger of tears of happiness after their victory in the event. And the screaming of helplessness will leave it to the enemies.

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