The end of the era.  The legend of Polish sports ended his career

After 31 years of daily training and regular starts, Magdalena Gwizdoń announced her decision to end her career in social media. “It was very difficult,” she wrote.

Mateusz Kozanecki

Magdalena Guisdo

Press materials / Szymon Sikora / PZBiath. / Pictured: Magdalena Gwizdoń

This year, Magdalena Guisdo celebrated her forty-third birthday. Despite this, she still trains regularly and competes in FIBA ​​Cup competitions. There, she was not impressed with the results, but was glad she could still be competitive on the biathlon routes. But that’s in the past.

“And this is the end. The end of the part of my life that I have devoted to sport. 31 years of daily training, iron discipline, life in sport and sport. The decision to end my career was not easy. I admit it was very difficult for me but that’s what happens when you love what you do …” Gwizdoń wrote on Facebook.

She made her World Cup debut in the 1995/1996 season. She is the record holder for the number of seasons in which she participated in the most important biathlon competitions. There were exactly 27 of them. During that time, Guido won two races and stood on the podium six times. She has been in the top ten several times.

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It was the best performer in 2012-2013. Then she finished fifteenth in the general classification. Individually, she finished seventh at the World Championships twice. For many years she has been the leader of our team. She wanted to end her career at the last December competition, but she wrote: “I was deprived of such an opportunity.”

“I would like to thank the select coaches who have guided me over the years. It has been a great honor for me to train recently under the direction of Aleksander Weretelny and Adam Gacica. Thank you, gentlemen, for your big hearts and understanding of the players design pages.”

She also thanked the coach, Nadia Belova, thanks to whom she achieved the greatest successes in her career. “Without her, my sporting path would not be so great. She showed me that I can never give up and no matter what, you have to fight to the end. She instilled in me tenacity and fighting spirit. It was during her time that I won my first World Cup. Thank you very much On all the lessons, “we read. It also featured Stanisław Kupka and Mikołaj Panetkin

At the end of the long entry, she also thanked the fans. “Thank you to all the biathlon fans who supported me, but also to those who criticized missed opportunities. I admit that it was sometimes difficult to face criticism, especially when it was particularly painful. No one knows how much effort is behind each of them – not even enough from the start.

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