The Devil in the White City without Keanu Reeves.  The actor will not be starring in the Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio series
According to Variety, Keanu Reeves will not appear in the series “Devil in the White City.” A joint project of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, which is an adaptation of Eric Larson’s novel of the same title, is being created for Hulu. Currently, the producers are looking for a replacement for Reeves, who would have played Daniel H. Burnham. It is still unknown who will play the role of Henry H. Holmes.

What do we know about the series “The Devil in the White City”?

The Devil in the White City will be an adaptation of Eric Larson’s 2003 book The Devil in the White City. It tells the true story of two men – an architect and a serial killer, associated with the name “White City” – the largest fair in American history held in 1893 in Chicago.

The book was published in Poland by Sonia Draga Publishing House. On his website we can read:

The true story of two men, an engineer and a serial killer, alone with the greatest fair in American history: the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, organized in Chicago and nicknamed the “White City”. Daniel Hudson Burnham, the gallery’s prominent business director and founder of several important buildings, such as the Flatiron Building in New York and Union Station in Washington, overcomes many obstacles and attempts with his team to transform Jackson’s Wet Park into “The White City”.

Meanwhile, Henry H. Holmes, a young doctor, maliciously mocking the “white city” of Burnham, is building his own World’s Fair Hotel nearby – making it the site of a horrific murder, equipped with a dissection table, gas chamber, and incinerator furnace. corpses.

We first published “The Devil in the White City” in 2003. Then Paramount acquired the rights to the book. Originally, “The Devil…” was to be shown as a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role and with Martin Scorsese behind the camera. In the end, the project turned into a limited series, and both creators decided to work on it only as producers.

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