“The Guardian”: Patrick Swayze broke two ribs while filming the movie

Rudy Herrington's “Bouncer” was not well received by critics or audiences when it was first released. The film achieved cult status when it was released on VHS tapes. This is not surprising. It's quintessentially over-the-top 80s, and absurdly brutal – just mention the throat-ripping scene.

The fights from “The Bouncer” went down in history due to their intensity, which was exceptional even by the standards of action cinema of the late 80s. As Marshall Teague, who played Jimmy Reno, one of the antagonists, revealed, the actors were often fighting over the truth. This was the case during his fight scene with Suezim. a star “dirty dancing” Encourage him to attack as hard as he can. He wanted the epic battle, filmed over five nights, to look as real as possible.

This strategy led to the actors sustaining numerous injuries. Teague, who was skilled in martial arts, mocked Swayze at the beginning of filming for his lack of skill. Feelings between the men reached a peak during the filming of the final scene of their heroes' fight. “During the show, please note that we do not fake hits. [Swayze] He kicked me in the eye and broke my eye socket. “He broke his ribs,” Teague told the Daily Mail.

“In our scene [Swayze] He was about to kick me in the chest. After the first attempt, I looked at him with pity and said: Is that all? Are you going to do this all night? He kicked me again and I took a step back, maybe two. I dismissed him by saying that if that was his best kick, we would have a miserable fight. “He just said, 'Turn the camera on,' and he kicked me so hard that I fell ten feet back,” Teague recalls. The actor then suggested not to fake punches, and they both agreed not to punch each other in the face. They were in front of each other, after all, and there were still plenty of filming days left, plus there were no rules.

Teague also admitted that he and Swayze indulged in improvisation. At one point, the actor playing Jimmy Reno picked up a tree trunk lying on the ground and hit his opponent in the side with all his might. It cost Swayze two broken ribs. The team intervened several times to separate them. After the pictures, they covered it with snow.

Will 'Road House' get the same recognition as 'The Bouncer'? We'll find out soon. The film will appear on Amazon Prime Video on March 21, 2024.

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