The death of fully vaccinated people up to the age of 44. The Minister of Health on the "black statistic" - Kraj and Prost

The Minister of Health has reported, via social media, the death of 1,085 people under the age of 44 due to the Corona virus since the beginning of January 2021. Only 3 percent. Of those, 36 people, have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “This black statistic might be different,” Adam Nidzelsky noted.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health released more comprehensive statistics. According to these figures, a total of 20,456,289 people have been fully vaccinated. After 14 days of the full dose, 288,761 people were infected, only 1.41%. Fully vaccinate people. On the other hand, the number of infections in Poland since the start of vaccination with the second dose has reached 2,134,098, and a total of 13.5% since the start of vaccination with the second dose. Infections were fully vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health about the injured and deaths of the full vaccinations

The ministry also provided data on deaths. The number of deaths in Poland since the start of vaccination with the second dose was 49,074, and a total of 3304 people died two weeks after full vaccination. The percentage of those vaccinated was 6.73%. All deaths from COVID-19 infection. The deaths are unrelated to vaccination.

Since the start of vaccination in Poland, 16,383 post-vaccination adverse reactions have occurred. Most of them were mild in nature. When it comes to the age of vaccinated people, 1.7 million vaccinations have been made in the 12-17 year range, 5.1 million in the 18-30 year range, and 6 million in the 31-40 range. In contrast, from ages 41 to 50, 6.9 million vaccinations were made.

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