Killing the heat in Greece |

According to the State Meteorological Service EMY, Today at noon, 41 degrees was recorded in Attica near Athens, and 44 degrees in Thessaly in the center of the country.

“This weekend will likely be the hottest July in the last 50 years. Athens will be above 40 degrees for six to seven days, which is an unusually long period, even for a European capital used to the summer heat,” said ERT Panagiotis Giannopulos, a public television meteorologist.

“Difficult days await us.”

On the island of Iboya, on Friday, a 46-year-old man died after being taken to hospital with a body temperature of 40 degrees.

He added, “The probable cause of death is cardiac and respiratory failure after exposure to very high temperatures.”

– wrote in a communiqué of Chalcis Hospital.

Greece’s culture ministry said all of the country’s archaeological sites, including the Acropolis in Athens, remain closed during the hottest hours of the day until Sunday. In turn, the Ministry of Labor urged employers to allow remote work, and the Ministry of Health issued recommendations to avoid unnecessary travel during the day.

“We have three difficult days ahead. We must be careful!” – warned the Minister of Civil Defense Vassilis Kikilias.

In the Greek capital, the record temperature was 44.8 degrees in June 2007, while the absolute record for the whole of Greece was set in July 1977 in Eleusis near Athens, where it was 48 degrees Celsius.

The situation has improved with dozens of wildfires caused by the heat, especially near Athens, but firefighters are “still trying to control 79 fires across the country”.

Friday was “another difficult day with 52 new fires across the country,” Vassilios Vatrakoganis, a spokesman for the state’s fire department, told a news conference. “The country is still on high alert at the end of next week,” he added.

Source:, PAP

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