Arrest: Nika Nowak.  Charge: Article 275.1 of the Penal Code

The Lefortovo Court in Moscow arrested journalist Nika Novak on Monday under Article 275.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It literally reads as follows: “Establishment and maintenance of confidential cooperation relations with a representative of a foreign state by a citizen of the Russian FederationOr an international or foreign organization to assist them in activities deliberately directed against the security of the Russian Federation.

Article 275.1 of the Criminal Code entered into force in the summer of 2022, several months after the full Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since then, this article has made it very dangerous for Russians to communicate with foreigners on social networks. Any such foreigner could easily be classified by the Federal Security Service as a representative of foreign intelligence services. Even if one of his relatives lives abroad. It is unclear how the interviewer's involvement with foreign intelligence services was proven.

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