The cost of Thaumaturge is 15-20 million PLN.  250 thousand, and the analyst says that the copies sold will allow us to break even

After several “missteps”, yesterday the game Thaumaturge made its debut on the market, an RPG from the Polish studio Fool's Theory, set in an alternative Warsaw from the beginning of the 20th century. The local team's project received good marks from reviewers (77/100 score). opencritic) and even better than the players (88% of positive votes in favour). SteamDB).

Since the game in question was published by the publicly listed 11-bit studios, financial analysts began their estimates regarding the size of the release. Analyst Piotr Poniatowski shared an interesting point of view on this issue and conveyed his comment website.

We estimate the budget at PLN 15-20 million, which suggests a break-even point of around PLN 250,000. Copies sold. In our estimates, we expect the game to actually be profitable this year.

Thaumaturg So it has a much more successful start than Invincible, Which was also released by 11bit Studios. However, analyst Grzegorz Balcerski of Trigon DM calms sentiments, pointing out that although preliminary results Thaumaturg It was satisfying, but the game still lacked much of what could be considered a publishing success – especially in terms of the first offerings of the major 11-bit studios.

However, all experts agree that the real test for the future of 11-bit studios – especially on the stock market – will be the premiere of Frostpunk 2 this year. The company's stock prices over the past few days are: stable.

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