March 26, 2023


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Interesting things are happening in the Crew Dragon capsule by SpaceX

Interesting things are happening in the Crew Dragon capsule by SpaceX

crew Crew 3 SpaceX Composed of: Raja Chari, Tom Marshbourne, Kayla Barron and Mathias Maurer, they will emerge from the capsule the next night (November 12) Dragon 2 Endurance, they will ascend to the International Space Station and spend the next six months there. NASA Everyone is planning experiments for the agency itself, the European Space Agency and private companies.

In the released video, we can see the crew’s enthusiasm for space flight and the feeling state of weightlessness. The astronauts talk about their missions and how they want to show us outer space from their point of view. So, follow the crew profiles on social media.

As a reminder, during the Inspiration4 mission, something unpleasant happened toilet problem. SpaceX reported that the tube draining urine into the tank had broken, causing urine to leak into the space under the capsule floor. The same problem also appeared in the Dragon 2 Endurance capsule, which is one of the newest capsules that the crew has flown in IS. However, engineers fixed the malfunction before takeoff, so the Crew-3 crew doesn’t need to test the strength of their bladders.

During the Crew-3 flight, the first stage of the missile was used Falcon 9. SpaceX reports that it previously participated in a resupply mission to the International Space Station, CRS-22, in June 2021. The first part has successfully landed on an autonomous platform Deficiency in Gravitas (ASOG) in the Atlantic Ocean.

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