The conflict between Russia and Ukraine: the strong entry of Dmytro Kuleba.  'Germany will stop'

“Recent statements by Germany about the impossibility of transferring defensive weapons to Ukraine, including by granting permission to third parties, about the lack of possibility of retaking Crimea, and reluctance to separate Russia from Swift do not correspond to the level of our relations and the head of the Foreign Ministry said on Twitter ” the current security situation.

He added that “the unity of the West towards Russia is now more important than ever.” “The German partners should come to an end with these words and actions that undermine unity and encourage Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine again,” he said.

He stressed that Ukraine is grateful to Germany for the support it provided, starting in 2014, and for its diplomatic efforts to settle the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.

He concluded, “However, the current statement is disappointing and contradicts this support and efforts.”

According to Reuters, the German naval commander, Vice Admiral Kay Achim Schoenbach, said that Putin deserves respect and that Ukraine will never regain Crimea.

What he (Putin) really wants is respect, he said. Oh my God, honoring someone costs little or nothing… You can easily give them the respect they ask for and they probably deserve.

He assessed that Russia’s actions in relation to Ukraine should be dealt with, but added that “the Crimea is gone, and it will never come back, it is a fact.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on the German government to publicly correct the statements of the Vice-Admiral regarding Crimea.

Reuters reported that the German government distanced itself from the commander’s words. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense indicated that the Vice-Admiral’s comments did not reflect Germany’s position.

Schoenbach himself apologized for his “hasty” comments and stated that they were a mistake. He emphasized that the words spoken during the discussion organized by a think tank in India were his own opinion and do not reflect the official position of the ministry.

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