ISW: Russia is concentrating its forces in the East.  He continues to fight for Lisiczańsk

Russian forces focus on defending the southern front and They launch local attacks to recover lost sites, but to no avail.

Russia concentrated the main part of its forces in eastern UkraineWhere, after the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Severodonetsk, the Russian army is being strengthened in this city, as well as in Syrotyne, Woronowe, and Borivske.

As Russian soldiers are fighting inside the border The city of Lisichansk in the Luhansk regionWhere they reached the mine and the gelatin factory.

During the day, the Russians also carried out an exceptionally large operation A series of missile attacks in the rear of the Ukrainian forces – Launched at least 50 missiles from land, air and sea.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military leadership is making efforts to centralize the management of partisan groups Increasing pressure on Russian forces.

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