inflation.  Record increase in housing costs.  "Some increases are still ahead."

As HRE analysts have emphasized, these calculations take into account rent to a very small extent Apartment rental. This is because most Poles live in property they own.

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Only 4-5 percent. People are tenants who pay rent on market terms (in the last 12 months the average rent has increased by 20-30%). Plus 11-12 percent. Citizens are tenants who use apartments with reduced rents (such as municipal, company or TBS).

– The numbers shown above completely ignore the situation of people who pay off housing loans. These costs have been omitted by the Central Statistical Office in its calculations. If this were the case, the inflation rate would be about two percentage points higher, that is, already at the level of 20%. Even after taking into account applicable credit holidays – assesses Bartosz Turek of HRE, author of the analysis.

The expert notes that the increasing costs of maintaining a “roof over your head” are mainly due to the rise in energy carrier prices. According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, today we have to pay 2.5 times more for fuel than last year. At the same time, the Bureau understands the term “fuel” in solid (wood, coal) and liquid (oil) form.

– In the past year, prices for gas, thermal energy, services related to the home, rent, cleaning materials and even home furnishings (including lighting, furniture and decorations) rose with double-digit dynamics. Unfortunately, in the CBS data, it is pointless to look for a category including cost of living and home management that would show that something got cheaper in the last year. Turk admits.

This is not the end of the fee increases

According to analysts, this is important because, statistically speaking, energy (heating) is responsible for about half of apartment maintenance costs in Poland.

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