The “CODA” producer is filming with George Clooney, Jean Dujardin and Sian Hyder
Picture Perfect Union studio founder and Oscar-winning producer of “CODA” Patrick Wachsberger announced the projects his company is currently working on. There are many interesting products that are worth waiting for. These include the remake of the 1957 sci-fi thriller The Incredible Shrinking Man, a new film from CODA creator Sian Hyder – The Impossible Us, and the English version of the French series The Bureau of Spies, directed by George Clooney. .

Remake of “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

new “The Incredibly Shrinking Man” It is scheduled to be built in France, and has The star was Jean Dujardin, who won an Oscar for his role in the film “The Artist.” – Even before the outbreak of the actors and screenwriters strike in Hollywood.

Jack Arnold’s original 1957 film tells the story of a man who begins to shrink after being exposed to radioactive fog. Suddenly, an encounter with a cat or spider turns out to be a deadly threat to him.

New film from Cian Hedder, creator of the drama “CODA” – “The Impossible Us”

The director of “The Impossible Us” says about her new project that the film’s script is a masterpiece. Work on the film is scheduled to begin immediately after the strike ends in Hollywood. Filming is scheduled to begin next year.

Remake of “The Oath” with George Clonia

French series “Spy Office” It tells the story of a French intelligence officer who returns to his homeland after six years on a mission in Syria. As a participant in a secret mission, he not only operated under an alias, but also assumed a completely different identity and pretended to be a different person. Returning to France brought more challenges. The main character is played by Matthew Kassovitz.

Wachsberger has revealed his ambitions to create a spy series with various spin-offs similar to “Yellowstone”, and the producers include Paramount and 101, which are responsible for the success of the film starring Kevin Costner. The project has already been given the green light, and work is scheduled to begin again after the completion of the project. Strike.

“CODA” movie trailer

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