170 PLN for the car park in Pedronka.  One minute late and you'll be fined - o2

Parking spaces in big cities, especially around the city center, are expensive. Supermarket owners are aware of this and often limit the possibility of parking in front of the store to customers only. They ask you to pay for a longer stay, and no strict fees.

A Biedronka customer in Wrocaw discovered this recently. According to tuwroclaw.pl, he spent just over an hour in Pedronka. He did a lot of shopping, after which he and his kids got involved in face painting for Halloween. Returning to the car, he was faced with an unpleasant surprise – he received a parking bill of 170 PLN.

This is the amount of the fine that the inhabitant of Wroclaw had to pay for exceeding 60 free minutes of parking. The supervisor was not merciful because the “ticket” was issued one minute after the allotted parking time. Biedronka’s client was 10 minutes late.

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I understand the parking restriction for non-customers wanting to use the store’s car park, but I proved I was shopping there while parking. The shopping took a long time, because I was with my family, and in the store Pedroncka was doing a Halloween promotion with drawings of children’s faces, which also took us time – according to Mr. Jacob.


ladybug react

Jeronimo Martins, which operates the Biedronki network in Poland, explains that this car park in Wrocław is covered by the ticket system and operated by an independent outside company. Therefore, Biedronka cannot cancel this punishment.

However, the store turned out to be a success for the customer. After paying for the parking lot, the customer will provide the customer with an electronic code in the amount of the paid amount to be redeemed in the Pedronka stores.


In an interview with tuwroclaw.pl, a resident of Wroclaw admittedThat he would see an appropriate reaction from the Biedronka owner towards the car park manager more willingly than the ticket value token. Customers who have stressed the need to monitor parking time under the threat of such large penalties may turn to other nearby stores.

Controversy over parking

A few months ago, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) became interested in the issue of parking in Aldi and Biedronka stores. All because of customer complaints. One of the position managers even received a fine of 150,000. zlotys.


Officials confirm that they do not question the requirement to collect tickets in the parking lots in front of the shops. However, the problem is when we deal with the lack of fair and equitable treatment of consumers who, for example, filed a complaint and were able to prove their right.

And in the end, the purpose of paid parking in front of stores should be to provide customers with a convenient shopping experienceSo that they do not have to look for places, because they are busy with people who do not intend to buy anything. Meanwhile, it is often an excuse to earn extra money from uninterested clients.

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