Ten Commandments by Dorothy Dix |  Happiness (from the front): Instructions for use ★★★★

The angels of the theater are not subject to any variation or imprisonment. On the contrary: these days they seduce Espace Go – its creators and its public – with joy, its commands and the moving drama over its lies.

Released at 8:00 p.m.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

We could not imagine a better way to reconnect with the art of living than with drama Ten Commandments by Dorothy Dix. In Stéphanie Jasmin’s dazzling speech, Julie Le Breton delivers the best performance of her career. Alone on stage for an hour and a quarter, the actress – who plays her first solo song here – embodies a woman rethinking her life at the dawn of her hundredth birthday.

This woman who paints happiness on her face every morning, this woman who has everything to be happy, hides unfulfilled desires and a renunciation of self-eating within the pit of her soul. She marries a man who adores her until she suffocates, the mother of many children whom she cannot properly love, and as many of them see the years go by without any real control over her existence. She is only an image to those around her, far removed from her reality.

Imperial Interpretation

During the non-linear score, ignoring any timeline, this woman often reveals an intimate voice that she just wants to be quiet about. She chose to follow for a lifetime the recipe for the happiness of journalist Dorothy Dix, who published her advice in the American press in the first half of the 20th century.And Century. Make up your mind to be happy; Do your best … A structured manual on neglect and self-peace. In short, the user guide to interface happiness.

Bathing in amazing video footage of the beach barefoot in minimal attire (signed by Stephanie Jasmine), Julie Le Breton is imperial in the role of this untitled woman.

His voice sometimes acquires a slow rhythm and intense tone, and sometimes the upbeat accents of a confident teenager. “I’m 10 years old, I’m 90 years old, I’m 40 years old …” Julie Le Bretton’s talent, as an artist, brilliantly conducted by Denise Marleau, is enough to take us on a journey through time. This woman of all ages, despite the ravages of time, burns with the same stubborn flame that refuses to go out.

To make this text flourish in all its beauty, Denise Marlio has deliberately chosen a stage that avoids unnecessary distractions, where the economy of objects is free to words, but for a subtle and highly restrained interpretation of an actress. Who has tapped into the new soil to push the boundaries of his art further.

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