May 30, 2023


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Kate Middleton reveals Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas secrets

In a speech before the Westminster Abbey concert she organized, Kate Middleton recalled how much Elizabeth II was involved in Christmas celebrations.

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For the late queen, the holiday was a symbol of unity. “Christmas holds a dear place in Her Majesty’s heart, bringing people together and reminding us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, as well as showing empathy and compassion,” the Princess of Wales said. .

And about family unity, there is no longer any question among the Windsors, while the documentary Harry & Meghan, produced by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Netflix, has been explored around the world, with Buckingham blaming all the evil and separation. Two brothers, William and Harry.

However, Kate Middleton remains connected to the spirit of Christmas and wants to retain only the positivity of the past year.

An “incredible legacy that has deeply inspired us all”, left by Queen Elizabeth II, is a compass.

Admittedly, with this disappearance, the family will live a “very different Christmas,” but “we can always remember the memories and traditions we shared.

Take time to celebrate with family and friends all the wonderful things that make Christmas so special,” Prince William’s wife said.

Addressing an assembly gathered to hear a concert, Kate Middleton insisted on underscoring the “importance of music” that has “the power to connect us to one another”.

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And, “It will no doubt be of great help to the Windsors to provide packets of happiness and comfort during difficult times. »