“Teachers exaggerate.”  Students and parents are fed up

It turns out that Polish education and school It is an endless mine. The problems we discuss in our texts are of interest to a large number of students, their parents and teachers.

Another theme of “Pandora's Open Box” is tests and tests, And their quantities are as shown teachers They often have no control at all.

Controls tests and tests

From the information published on gov.pl Test regulations It follows that: Students may have a maximum of three tests per week, but not more than one test per day.

“Students have the right to: know the scope ExamA maximum of three tests per week (but not more than one test per day) and scheduling the test with the teacher at least a week in advance.

However, when it comes to exams, the regulations say: “Students are entitled to: a maximum of one exam the exams Daily, keeping in mind that on a given day a student may have one test or quiz.

And that's it when it comes to theory and regulations. life school However, it shows it teachers Either they don't know these rules or they don't remember them.

“This is definitely an exaggeration.”

Katarzyna, the mother of 12-year-old Lena, reported to Dziennik.pl about a problem that had become common at her teenage daughter's school. –Teachers exaggerate. They give the kids two or three tests a day, sometimes tests, sometimes quizzes, and often there are quizzes on these test days. This is just elementary school, maybe they forgot that children They also need some slack – She said.

Today's situation: Maths, English and… Art. I understand the English test and the math test, but taking the arts test on the same day – that's definitely too much. – she added.

The mother of a student from a secondary school in Łódź also contacted us regarding the same problem. It turns out that her daughter, like children in other classes at the same school, routinely takes two tests a day, every day, often interspersed with quizzes. (Prints from Librus and school number – I leave that to your own information for now).

Two tests a day is actually the new norm. One week ago, the children had tests in physics, mathematics, English, chemistry, Polish and history – all of which were just tests during five school days – said the angry woman.

Much has been said about so-called well-being, harmony and well-being. Even labor law has been adapted to these ideas, but it does not apply to children and young people? I wonder if the teachers at my daughter's school don't know the regulations, or perhaps don't apply them? – she asked.

I would understand if it was such an intense rhythm, for example, right before the end of the semester, but no…it's like this all year long. This is unbearable both for the children and for us parents. We are between a rock and a hard place. I don't know how to convince my frustrated and tired daughter to study more – she pointed out.

These kids are in school from 8am to 4/5pm, they come home and have to immediately sit down and do their homework and study for the next day. Please let me know if the rules in this school are the norm and are they legal? – added concerned.

I'm waiting for the actor's official position/comment men And the management of the aforementioned school.

I am also waiting for your comments on this topic: [email protected].

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