Taylor Swift’s Argentine fans have been camping outside a Buenos Aires stadium for five months to get good seats at the singer’s show.

Argentina may have Taylor Swift’s most devoted fans. Since June, hundreds of fans of the American singer have camped out in front of the River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires in preparation for the artist’s concerts there on November 9, 10 and 11. Pitchfork.

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Four tents have been set up near Argentina’s stadium, where for nearly five months, hundreds of Taylor Swift fans have taken turns camping out to get the best seats when their favorite artist takes the stage in a few days.

The camp, set up by two organizers and managed by a handful of designated people, gathers about 60 people per tent. They are mainly young women, but only 18 years and above are allowed. These fans of the singer have already purchased general admission tickets to one of Taylor Swift’s shows, and now they want to make sure they’re as close to the stage as possible.

The organizers set the rankings based on the time each fan spent in the camp. Those who have logged the most hours at camp will be first in line when the stadium gates open.

However, you can increase your “timesheet” quickly. Hours spent camping during a storm can double, as can a person sleeping a full night in a tent.

Also, it is mandatory to spend at least one night in a campsite to retain your spot. Participants must accumulate at least 60 hours per month to avoid losing their spot.

Carmen, one of the campers interviewed PitchforkA total of over 300 hours were said to have been spent at the camp, which equates to 12 and a half days.

Guards regularly visit the camp to ensure the safety of fans. When the stadium hosts football matches, barriers are installed to protect the tents.

Some passers-by and football fans sometimes shout in the direction of the camp, specifically to encourage fans of Taylor Swift to “go back to work,” and no incidents have been reported in the past five months.

Among the singer’s fans at the camp were two women, Deborah and Sophia, who decided to spend time in tents on behalf of other people, who paid to spend time in the camp on their behalf.

Deborah and Sofia charge 700 Argentine pesos per hour, or approximately 2.75 Canadian dollars per hour. They say they have about four regular customers who pay to spend time at the camp.

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