Tax office on the impact of people who do not pay for the subscription!  They will also knock on your house!

In Poland, fewer and fewer people are paying an RTV subscription from year to year. Poczta Polska is responsible for debt collection. The Tax Office is going to take a look at people who don’t pay an RTV subscription!

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In 2021, the number of RTV subscription payers was the lowest for many years. Poles are very reluctant to pay RTV subscription fees.

The economy is doing very poorly right now – inflation is going up, gas and electricity prices are going up, everyday purchases are getting more expensive. Unfortunately, an increase in RTV subscription fee collection is also expected from the new year.

Poczta Polska will not forgive people who do not pay for an RTV subscription. From those who have not yet paid the subscription, the administrators, after verification, will contact you for a fee of 30 times the monthly subscription fee (24.50 x 30), i.e. PLN 735.

If the payment request is not answered, the tax office will take care of us after 7 days of failure to fulfill the payment obligation. In 2021, tax offices across the country received more than 100,000 requests for appropriate penalties for all debtors who evaded the obligation to pay the subscription fee.

Then the execution request issued by the tax office is sent to the record. On the other hand, the settlor, by means of obligatory execution, withholds the money in our account or our salaries or retirement benefits – if the debtor is owed them.


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