T-Mobile has agreed to pay $500 million to settle a class-action lawsuit for the personal data breach of approximately 77 million US residents. The operator will allocate $350 million to the matchmaking fund and $150 million to “data security and related technology.”

collective A lawsuit against the operator Regarding the burglary that occurred in 2021 as a result The personal data of 76.6 million “existing, former and potential customers” was compromised. from the United States. according to Proposed ContractAnd the T-Mobile should put in $350 million In the settlement fund for attorneys fees and data breaches. The operator is also required $150 million spent on “data security and related technology” in 2022 and 2023. In total, T-Mobile should pay $500 million.

T-Mobile explained that the person responsible for hacking the operator’s network used “specialized” tools and knowledge of their infrastructure to access the test environment. This person then He stole customer data and sold it on hacking forums. Mike Seifert, CEO of T-Mobile, acknowledged the breach and apologized to those whose data had been compromised.

The type of information that the entity sold varies from person to person, but it can include Name, date of birth and social security number Victims of the attack. T-Mobile contacted those affected by the data leak shortly after it came to light and gave them two years of free access to McAfee ID Theft Protection.

Now they will be compensated in cash as well, although it will likely be a few dollars at most. While $350 million may seem like a lot, a large percentage of that amount will be used to cover legal costs.

Konrad Siwick, journalist for Komorkomania newspaper

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