Sylvain Marcel tours with his idol

Picture Cook and Customs Officer, starring French actor Edouard Baer and Julie Le Breton, is currently shooting in Quebec until mid-October. The comedy cast also includes several local actors, including Sylvain Marcel, who is making a dream come true by taking part in the film.

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Met at the launch of the project, which was shot entirely in Quebec, in Monterrey, Sylvain immediately admitted that he was an admirer of the name Edouard Payer. “It’s not a big character that I’m playing, he’s not there now, but I’m a big fan of Edward Burr for a long time and I’m giving myself a gift by being in this film. Must have seen it inside AsterixObviously (The actor played the writer Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, In 2002, then Asterix Asterix and Obelix: In Her Majesty’s Service, in 2012)But he did too Great restaurant, a French series. When I returned Aline In 2019, I bought myself a ticket and went to see his show at the Antoine Theater in Paris. A man’s shout was suddenly struck with grace. I loved it, it was so good! So when I was approached to do this film and I knew I was going to get the chance to work with him, it was an immediate yes.

Photo: Daniel Dygnault / TVA Publications

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Nice meeting
Sylvain says his first meeting with the French actor was very pleasant. “We shook hands and clicked quickly. He had seen it Aline, he knows a little about my work. I told him I was a fan, to which he replied: “Me too!” In this production, Sylvain plays the owner of a local grocery store, which is located near the border crossing where the character plays. Not very popular in the village, they say.

He says of his scenes with Edward Baer: “It’s a great classic Conflict Between Quebec and France, he and I have some very interesting scenes to do together. There is one, among others, on which we both could improve a little. Sylvain already had the opportunity to tour with Julie Le Breton… 20 years ago! “It’s been a long time since she played my sister in the show Men in isolationDirected by Stephen Lapointe.


Between drama and comedy
Along with this film, Sylvain will be in Quebec City filming the second season of About Antoine, notably with Kathleen Rouleau and Claude Legault. “This is another great gift. People talked a lot about the series, which stars a young Antoine Parent-Bédard as himself. It was a great experience and then I enjoy doing comedy. It’s great because I’ve done a lot of drama over the past few years.

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Also, the film is on October 20 happy days Director and screenwriter Chloé Robichaud will stage this much-anticipated production, starring Sophie Desmarais as the highly talented young conductor. “I play Patrick, the father of Sophie’s character. He’s a narcissistic pervert, a deeply tortured man, and he’s making his daughter and her family pay for it. It’s a complex character, he’s a real villain, and it was a lot of fun to do.

The character that movie fans hate and love? “I think so. We love to hate the bad guys, but behind them we feel their suffering and their bewilderment. I think people will enjoy it more. There are so many layers to this character. When you go to see him, you might not be able to hate him,” he says with a laugh. He also says.

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The actor says he had fun filming with Sophie Desmarais; This is their first chance to work together. “She loved my comedy and vice versa, and she and I really enjoyed working with Maude. (Gurin), who played the role of my wife. Just because we’re doing drama, we can’t be frivolous or funny. We had so much fun. Director Chloé Robichaud did a great job, she directed us well. Sometimes the simplest look is a solo, which is actually a beautiful image, and a beautiful musical progression is moving. This film is also a journey through music. We saw a group and everyone was very happy.

Sylvain brilliantly describes a moment that happened between two scenes during filming. “Sophie toured with the real orchestra Metropolitan, and at one point, between two shows, she practiced baton, gestures and everything, and the orchestra followed her rhythm and played for a few seconds. She froze, she stopped, and all the musicians started tapping their feet to show their appreciation, Bravo! This is wonderful, a beautiful, touching moment.

This year, we saw Sylvain on the big screen Twilight for an Assassin And, in 2019, it certainly was Aline, in which he played Guy Claude (!). Did the production affect Sylvan’s career and did he receive offers from the producers? “Bandout! No fallout. I have an agent in France, but you really have to be there, you have to have a platform and go to auditions,” he clearly insists.

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

Hazards of the job
The truth is, things will come down to Sylvain next year. Nothing confirmed, we can announce right now, but these are great plans. It’s nothing new, but the actor admits to having a little trouble dealing with the insecurities associated with his job. “Yes, we make money, but if you don’t work next year it will be financially stressful. The year 2023 is quiet, and last year, I loved four series at once: The Escape, IXE-13, About Antoine And Good morning ChuckIn addition to shooting the film happy days. This year I will start working more.

In 2024, Sylvain can be seen in the series IXE-13, starring Marc-André Grondin, Julie Le Breton and Vincent Leclerc in the lead roles. “I can’t predict the future, but in my opinion, this series will win many trophies. I play a bad guy and have a lot of scenes with Martin Dubreuil. I went to the post-synchronization, I saw the pictures and I can say that this is something we have never seen with us as a period series. It’s amazing, amazing. ;With the sets and costumes, it’s high quality.

happy days It will hit theaters on October 20.
Cont IXE-13 Club will be offered next year in Illigo.
Image by Manon Brind, Cook and Customs OfficerReleased in summer 2024.

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