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On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron, at a press conference after a video interview with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, pledged France’s pledge to supply Germany with gas, which in turn could supply it with electricity in the event of an energy crisis this winter. Macron also called on the French to save energy and cut energy consumption by 10% this winter to avoid rationing gas and electricity. He also repeated a plea to limit space heating to a maximum temperature of 19 degrees.

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Macron also declared that he “supports common gas purchasing practices” in Europe in order to buy “cheaper” and reduce the price of Russian gas delivered through the pipeline.

He also said that both France and Germany supported the introduction by the European Union of mechanisms by which energy operators, who generate extraordinary profits due to high electricity prices, could “contribute” to the public treasury.

“Instead of imposing a national tax on extraordinary profits, France supports a non-financial mechanism, at the European level, that would make it possible to capture some of the profits made by producers of renewable or nuclear electricity who currently produce energy at low cost but sell it at record prices,” As AFP explains. He adds that currently European energy prices, regardless of how they are produced, are linked to the price of gas, which has reached a record level.

The French president said the money raised under the European mechanism could then be returned to countries to fund targeted domestic measures for households and businesses, such as tariff shields.

The Agence France-Presse notes that “Germany is calling for a similar solution.” Macron added that if the mechanisms are not adopted at the EU level, he will look for solutions at the national level.

“We believe that in order to reduce price volatility, it is necessary to have means to combat speculative practices,” Macron added, referring to the sharp price volatility in recent weeks in Europe. He added that measures to control these “speculative operations” should be in place at the EU level.

The French president also said he did not see the need to build a new gas pipeline between France and Spain, the Medcat project, with support from Madrid and Berlin. – We need more connections in Europe, but I am not convinced that we need more gas pipelines, especially given their environmental impact – the president explained.

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