Strange scenes in the European Nations League, a Polish volleyball player falling to the ground.  The opponent immediately moved towards him

It was another display of the strength of the Polish national team. The Reds and Whites did not provide any support to Turkey, which is participating for the first time in the European Nations League, on Thursday. Winning the match very confidently in three sets. The most intense match was the first and last match, where our opponents managed to win by 19 points each. In the second group are players Coach Nicola Gerbesia They defeated the Turks 25:12.

Thus, the Poles recorded their fifth victory in the sixth meeting in this year’s edition The League of NationsThus, he regained his leadership position.

Nations League: Poland – Türkiye. Lukas Kaczmarek fell to the ground

On the occasion of the match against Turkey, it is worth noting the strange situation that occurred during the third group, where the score ended 4: 2 in favor of the Poles. Then stand in the serving area Lukas Kaczmarek. But the opponents dealt with his serve and launched a counterattack and Mirza Lagomdzia received the ball on the left wing.

The 23-year-old receiver handled our double block and attacked with all his might in a straight line. Unfortunately, he not only scored a point, but also hit Lukas Kaczmarek, who scored the same number of goals. He fell on the dance floor.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the Polish volleyball player, and his teammates quickly helped him up. Mirza Lagmudzia himself also made a kind gesture and ran towards him under the net, apologizing for the unfortunate play.

Doesn’t look good. Łukasz Kaczmarek was sent off in the Poland-Turkey match. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Now, after an impressive win, the Polish national team can prepare for the more difficult upcoming matches. On Friday and Saturday, Nikola Grbic’s team will face two big matches – against Japan and Brazil.

Lukas Kaczmarek/Piotr Matosevic/East News

Lukas Kaczmarek/Olympic Image/Norphoto/France Press agency

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