Storms pass through Lesser Poland.  Scout camp in Doi has been evacuated.  Orange alert for the area

On Thursday, July 13th Services in Małopolska intervened 113 times. The most common causes were inundated floods, blocked road channels, and fallen trees. According to the Polish news agency, the firefighters intervened in Krakow the most, as the number of times they intervened reached 36 times. 17 tackles were made in Wieliczka, 16 in Limanowa, and 13 in Tarnów. In other areas of the Malopolsky Voivodeship, individual interventions were recorded.

A dangerous situation occurred in the “Zawiza” scout camp in Doi (Brzezki district). because of the severity weatherAnd The camp commander decided to evacuate the participants to the nearby fire station.

– A total of 41 children and 4 caregivers have been evacuated from the camp, – told Hubert Sepoy, spokesperson for the Malopolska County Commandant of the State Fire Service.

It is currently in effect throughout Malopolska A Class 2 Warning or “Orange Alert” for heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms. According to meteorologists, precipitation may be accompanied by storms with winds of up to 70 km / h and hail.

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