The Webb Telescope has revealed a 'stellar nursery'.  A world around the Holy Grail

On Tuesday, NASA and US President Joe Biden presented the first historic images from the James Webb Space Telescope. One of the five images shows a group of stars and galaxies. At least one of the ancient faint bands of light appearing in the “background” of the image is more than 13 billion years old, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said. – This is the deepest and most detailed picture of the universe captured so far (…) showing the light of galaxies, which took several billion years to reach us – NASA confirmed.

– We’ve seen what we haven’t seen before. The telescope is designed to look into space at infrared wavelengths that the human eye cannot detect. And to see what is hidden from him. ALL THESE ARE BEAUTY PHOTOS, YOU MUST SEE – TOK FM encouraged, Dr. Hub. Pawe³ Pietrukowicz of the University of Warsaw Astronomical Observatory.

As the scientist said in an interview with Mikowaj Lisoot, the Webb telescope showed us things that are almost as old as the universe. – Approximately. The Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago, then the first stars and galaxies began to form. It happened after a few hundred million years. He explained that these are the first galaxies that the Webb telescope has allowed us to see.

Thanks to the new device – he said – we can observe a “stellar incubation”, which was not possible before. – We didn’t know much about the beginning of star formation, because they were hidden in clouds of dust until now. From it and from the gas stars are born, and gravity causes these clouds to intensify, contract, rotate faster and faster, and something more dense is formed in their centers. The nuclear reactions that make it possible for such stars to live for millions or even billions of years appear. Now this “stellar nursery” will unfold to us – explained Dr. Petrokovich.

According to the scientist, the Holy Grail, discovered by the James Webb telescope, will find life forms in the universe. – We’d like to find them as soon as possible. But we will also try to find life on distant planets. This would be the most interesting thing: finding such gases that would clearly indicate that we are dealing with life. What will this gas be? It is said, for example, about methane, which we produce, among other things, by animals. But most of all it is oxygen, which plants produce – said the guest TOK FM.

Poles can also use the Webb telescope

Paweł Pietrukowicz noted that the Webb telescope is the largest instrument designed for observing the sky. – It has a 6.5-meter mirror, and its predecessor – the Hubble telescope – 2.5 meters. The new telescope was lifted up to four times further than the Moon, and was carried out by a European rocket, so the European Space Agency is contributing to this project. Poland is a member of it, he said, and we can also use this telescope.

As he said, we must keep our fingers crossed for the success of this mission, because if the telescope fails, it cannot be saved. A man will never get there and fix nothing. There is currently no missile that can carry it there. It is true that the telescope has some potential flaws, but it remains to be seen how it works. We already know that since the telescope’s launch – in December 2021 – fine grains of sand have hit it multiple times. Since it collides at a very high speed, it is likely that there will be some damage. But I’m still in good spirits. If nothing more happens, I think two or three decades will work – summed up the expert from the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw.

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