Blackouts.  Governments are warning

Power outages have recently become a very distant topic. All because of high electricity prices and limited gas availability. Although no one in Poland is officially talking about it, we have already started preparing for it.

Blackout became a prominent topic in Europe through Austria’s actions. The local government has prepared a special place where the family is presented with a case when the house has run out of electricity. A prepared whole group of people can handle this situation without much stress. Claudia Tanner, Austria’s defense minister, is convinced that blackouts will occur in 2022-2025.

The situation is similar in Germany, where citizens have been warned of power outages. And if something happens abroad, it is easy to convey the mood to Poland. as We read In Gazeta and Yborksa, despite the silence of the government, the Poles began to prepare for possible difficulties. Power generators are disappearing from stores.

Blackouts.  Governments are warning

Blackouts. Governments are warning


We notice an increase in the number of inquiries and orders. Buyers actually stimulate purchases with the fear of possible power outages, but also with the tense geopolitical situation and the situation in the energy market – Reports to Jarosław Pertkiewicz from

Similar voices come from the Leroy Merlin Network. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the fear is not only of blackouts. At this time of year, any blackouts are more severe than in the summer, for example due to problems in the operation of the device. heating. Krzysztof Szumacher of the popular DIY store chain also notes that this is the time when investors want to “close” construction sites before winter, which, of course, is needed for electricity.

How much does a generator cost?

As Weborgza writes, The cost of aggregate that will provide a single-family house with an area of ​​u200bu200b120-250 square meters may range from 4 PLN to 15 thousand PLN. It depends, of course, on the demand for power and the type of devices used. If a single-phase generator is sufficient, it will be cheaper. A powerful three-phase generator is more expensive, and such equipment may often be required to start electric heating, for example, three-phase heat pump.

It should be noted that the risk of power outages in Poland is currently low. Those countries are at greater risk power engineering Based on imported gas. Although Grzegorz Onichimowski of the Civic Institute acknowledges, this problem may also affect us in the next few years.

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