Stephen Belavans didn't bury his acting career

At the dawn of the fifties, Stephen Bellavance wants to keep as many doors open as possible, perhaps even considering a return to the sport.

Not shy about his joy in animation, the presenter Bad changeHe began his career in acting – most notably impersonating Fred Real-I.D And Real-TV On VRAK.TV – In the early 2000s, Ted dreamed of playing Lasso on the small Quebec screen.

“I'll definitely accept something for gaming because I love it! At the same time, I'm not animating out of spite. I really enjoy what I do. But will I get bored playing? Yes, but not to the point of giving up animation,” he said.

“If there's an opportunity I would seriously consider it. It's a part of the job that I haven't explored enough yet. When you enter your fifties, why not try something new?” continued the actor, who can be seen playing in a comfort series.

Old man on screen

This spring Stephen Belavans will conduct Wash to win, which premieres this Monday at 8pm on TVA. A timely project for the host who has always wanted to host a contest.


“I've been on TV for 20 years and I'm still a presenter. My phone is ringing again, and today, I feel that I'm working with my experience and it's really nice to say to myself that I know what I'm doing, I've mastered what I'm doing. Do ,” he underlined during an interview with QMI Agency.

“I'm in control and I like to take advantage of that and challenge myself with new projects Wash to win“, he added, indicating that the project was made for him.


“The result was fun and the participants had a great time getting on board like never before. All the ingredients were there to make it happen. funny», Stephen Belavans wondered.

“Not long, a few episodes, tears were flowing when someone had to leave and they hugged each other tightly. There was even a time when I changed my finals program It was very emotional. It is not one program There people strategize to get rid of each other. Between takes, people had to do funny, played music and danced. There was a beautiful camaraderie with the participants,” the presenter continued.

Trophy for the new show “Wash to Win”.


The competition will put the participants to the test. They will then be judged by Louis-Philippe Talbot, director of hospitality at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, and Isabelle de Palma, president of the De Palma Group, who specializes in concierge services.

Louis-Philippe Talbot and Isabelle De Palma on the set of “Wash to Win.”


Participants will work with biodegradable products most of the time, provided with their care equipment. All materials used for the challenges were salvaged, resold or donated.

Adapted from European reality TV Master Cleaners, Wash to win Airs Mondays at 8pm on TVA.

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