Starfield – is it possible to visit Earth and the solar system

Starfield takes place in inhabited systems, i.e. in the tail-to-tail region; about 50 "Light year" from Earth. In the game we will visit many planets, but will we find our original S&lstroke system there?

Yes, we can visit ć Landę and S&lstroke systemwhich is known as ą solthat & agon; Sci-fi fans can ą pegged&caut; (Also żin elite: dangerous our original system is called łtęę).

Unfortunately, The earth is unsuitable to live, so we won’t find a lot of interesting things there. However, we can flyć anywhere on our planet, even building ć There is a colonę. Sol&lstro;systemę is within one Gravitron hop of the Alpha Centauri system, where we begin our adventure.

S&lstroke will come to us anyway; Visit ć Early in the main storyline, during the “Old Houses” mission, our mission will be to make it to Cydonia on Mars. However, we can visit many other planets and moons in our home system – including Earth along with the Moon, Mars, Venus and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Contents: Starfield – Manual, Walkthrough

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