In the world, but not of the world!  By Joyce Meyer – Thought for the Day

In the world, but not of the world!

SMove the scriptures

I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but save them from evil. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
Jean 17. 15-16

Many people today are always pushing their limits and living in a perpetual state of overload. So they are constantly on the brink of extinction. Even the atmosphere around them seems full of stress, pressure, discouragement and negativity. The good news is that even though we as Christians are in the world, we are not of the world. We do not have to act or react according to the world system.

The world responds to difficulties with anger and discouragement, but Jesus told us to stop being troubled and afraid (Jean 14.27) This verse clearly indicates that our attitude may be different from the attitude of the world.

I have been able to observe that the right behavior and attitude can change a situation. The right attitude opens the door to God’s supernatural action and help. It allows you to not be a part of the world.

Remember that Jesus overcame the world (Gene 16.33) Because we are in Christ, we can face the challenges that confront us with peace and confidence.

EHear the voice of God

Do you feel different from those who do not know God in your reactions to hardship? Take time to listen to what God wants to say to you about this.

Prayer is simple. Talk to God like a close friend. God loves you and can hear everything. Here is an example of a prayer: Lord, you said that although I am in the world, I don’t have to be of the world. I choose your attitude and mindset today. Even in the midst of this world, I choose to respond with your peace and the mind of Christ.

LSenior Diu

To praise God is to show our gratitude to Him. Today you can take some time to give thanks to the Lord. He prays for you and gives you his counsel that you may no longer be in the world. Gratitude is a way to change your thoughts. So, praise God with all your heart!

AAct today

Now, deepen and use what you have received, and you can take concrete action. For example, take time to find the God of peace when the world is worrying, irritating, angry, and close. You will soon see the difference.

HRespect God

Our journey for the day ends. Let us pray together to honor our God.

,Lord, you are wonderful. You prayed to the Father to protect us, and by Your grace He is doing so. Thine be the kingdom and the power and the glory, Amen !”

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